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Part 113: Artwork - Miscellaneous - Part Two

I was going to do another update tonight, but I'm not feeling that hot, so instead have some more artwork.

Character art for the Maenad. No clue who's that behind her, and to be honest the art is a joke since the artist made the fatal mistake of giving the Mysterious Girl emotion. That could be misconstrued as weakness, and we can't have that!

FMV shot from the Complete Collection of the Maenad. Again, it's dubious because she looks dangerously close to showing emotion.

CGI render of the Maenad. Now that's more realistic.

PSP battle sprite of Maenad.

...And that's all the TAY artwork I've found.

what the hell are you doing here tellah

and what's that bird thing

and why are you so oooooooooooooold