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Part 114: Characters - Brina

Name: Brina
Job: Doll

Description: Brina is one of Luca's dolls that were originally brought to life by Golbez only for the party to beat the crap out of them. Luca then made improvements to make Brina and her cohort Calca more lifelike. Even as dolls, Calca and Brina still show loyalty to Luca.

Yeah, I C&Ped the Calca entry and made a few minor changes.


Dance - Casts a random white magic spell on the party.

Equipment: Knives
Best Stats: Speed, Spirit


Brina still kinda sucks, but unlike Calca, she's actually usable. Like Calca, her stats are shaped by her equipment, and both have access to some crazy-good end-game weapons and armor.

However, Brina has a huge advantage in that her ability, Dance, isn't complete garbage. Unlike Calca who has a lot of garbage moves that do nothing, Brina will usually do something to help, even if it's not what you wanted. She can heal, buff, revive, and remove status effects. She's unreliable, but at least you'll get some benefit out of Dance. It's certainly no worse than, say, Bardsong, even though Edward has other perks.

Brina's a sub-par character overall, as her ability is unreliable and her equipment still doesn't give her much versatility, but at least you can actually use her. At any rate, she's barely a notch above five certain other characters a bunch of evil assholes have been suggesting I use.