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Part 133: Characters - Ursula

Name: Ursula Fang Leiden
Job: Princess -> Monk


Ursula is the daughter of Master Monk and King of Fabul, Yang. As a child, she looked up to her father and always aspired to become a monk so she could be strong. However, her father constantly refused to train her, as she chose power over the true traits of a great monk, kindness and acting like a wuss before punching someone in the face.

Of course, as a teenage girl she constantly rebelled, in this case choosing to rebel by going to dangerous areas and punching monsters in the face. In one particular instance, she searched to investigate a fallen meteor, venturing to Mount Hobs alone. She managed to convince her father to take her to investigate the meteor, and later to follow him to Baron following the attack on Fabul.

After their sailing vessel ran out of fuel, Ursula found herself in a tight corner, where three guys she didn't really care about were in mortal danger. By flashing back to the time Yang kicked a rock in half, she suddenly learned how to care about others, unlocking a new way to punch an enemy to death. Thus did Yang finally choose Ursula to become his next pupil, and Ursula officially became a monk.


Kick - An attack that deals small amounts of damage to all enemies.

Chakra - Heals a moderate amount and recovers some status effects.

Tenketsu - Regular attack that may randomly hit as an enemy's elemental weakness. May also act as a critical hit or inflict instant death.

Equipment: Claws
Best Stats: Strength, Stamina


Ursula is less of a powerhouse than Yang, but makes up for it in speed, free healing, and an effective way to bypass lunar phases. She still hits hard, but she can also heal allies with Chakra for a decent amount at no MP cost.

Tenketsu is her bread and butter, as charging it guarantees at minimum a regular attack, and may do other effects that lead to increased damage. Chakra's usefulness fades next to White Magic, and Kick will never be powerful, but Tenketsu is what sets Ursula apart from other physical attackers, including her own father.

Overall, Ursula trades Yang's pure strength and stamina for a bit of versatility and the chance to do more damage. If you want a melee attacker who hits hard and can do more, you can't go wrong with Ursula.