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Part 36: Bonus - Glitches

Bonus - Glitches

Being a game made in the early SNES era, FF4 is pretty glitchy. There's a ton of glitches, but I'm only going to show off a few of the more well-known ones.

This first one happens right after beating Golbez in the Dwarven Castle.

For this one, simply have Rydia cast Warp after speaking to Giott.

You teleport back to the crystal room and find out Golbez never actually took the Crystal. Probably because he's a fucking hand.

Then Giott talks to you like nothing's changed.

This little trip actually lets you skip the Sealed Cave, though I'm not playing through again to show that off. A neat little trick to spare a bit of headache.

I already mentioned this simple little trick, but here it is again. Move Sylph to the top-right corner of her Call magic menu.

Huh, I didn't know Ging-Ryu counters magic with a weak Tornado spell.

Look, still at max! Sylph costs no MP when it's in the top-right menu. Neat, but you're probably looking for something a bit more useful.

For this trick, we need to pick an item. Let's go with the Excalibur here.

We select a blank spot, then we select our targeted weapon and unequip it.

Then we run away. You can also simply beat up the monsters instead.

Boom, two Excalburs equipped. Having two doesn't actually affect our stats, so let's remove one.

You can do this several times to give Edge some Dart fodder. Also nice for getting a second Masamune.

Let's speed things up. This trick requires arrows in the right hand and a bow in the left. You'll also need a method of using Berserk, preferably the Avenger sword.

First, unequip your arrows.

Then, swap your bow for the Avenger sword.

Let Cecil go crazy on the enemies. Swapping to Avenger actually lets Cecil bypass the Crystal Armor's Berserk immunity.

Now we have a lot more than two Excaliburs. So many that it broke the 99 item limit to around 255. Now Edge will always be tossing fancy swords!

This next trick requires the use of Edge's Sneak command.

Simply open the item menu right when Edge is stealing something, and that character can equip it. I actually randomly stumbled onto this one. This is useful for giving Rydia and Rosa shields if you can find an enemy you can steal one from.

Fuck that, I'm having Cecil play a harp.

Note you can't re-equip it once you un-equip it.

This last trick requires abuse of Wall. Wall lets you bypass many things.

This is one way you can actually see the animation for Dispel, which is just as useless here as it is in every other version of this game.

More importantly, bouncing spells off Wall ignores many of the nasty counter attacks that enemies like to use. That by itself is pretty useful.

It becomes ridiculous when you learn how certain enemies' transformations are scripted as counters. You can beat Dark Elf before his transformation and even beat Zeromus without triggering his HP reset counter. There's some pretty fun applications for this one.

That's it for the main glitches. There's a ton more to check out, but I've done my part here.