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Part 37: Glitch - Infinite Money by GreatRedSpirit

There's another part to the item dupe cheat: INFINITE MONEY! No this isn't dupe an item a million times until you get all the cash you want, you want the game to do that for you. I'm not sure what steps are exactly necessary except that it works.

Step 1: Make two consecutive open spots in your inventory. Get into a fight and unequip your offhand by selecting the second blank spot in your inventory and moving the cursor to the shield (this is important).

Step 2: Now unequip the mainhand but this time do it by selecting the weapon and moving it into the empty slot (also important). This should be the same empty slot as the slot used in the previous step but the shield should be moved over by one.

Step 3: Bail and head to your favorite local shop.

Step 4: Go into your euqipment screen. Your empty hand should be kinda fucked up. Now equip your mainhand that you unequipped in battle. Looks fine, now unequip it back into the same slot. It'll go missing at this point but that's not important.

Step 5: Try to sell the empty slot the it disappeared into. Reap rewards!

Also because I'm sure there are questions: Apparently there's a mod that puts Celes and Terra as Cecil and Rosa respectively into the game. It's also the only copy of FF4 I had laying around on my computer, cheated to level 99 and outside Fabul. Googling gave me this link for it. I had another savestate from later in the game that shows some more : Kain got replaced by somebody called Azmyth and Edge is now the Moogle Ninja Prince of Eblan.