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Part 38: Bonus - Dummied Items

Bonus - Dummied Items

Wait, how did that Cure2 turn into a Cure1?

Meet the Gunslinger code. It's a Game Genie code that lets you cycle through the entire item list. Useful for getting rare equipment and items, right?

Not just that, though! You remember how this version of the game removed a lot of items to make things simpler? They're still in this version, and with this code you can access them.

The process is simple. The code for the US version is 00CE-6D69. Use a curative item, preferably not in the top-left slot, on the middle character to change the item in the top-left slot to the next item in memory.

For a more detailed explanation and a list of the order the items go through, use this FAQ.

There's actually quite a lot of fun to be had using the Game Genie in FF2, though I don't really have the time or initiative to play around with it. You can use Walk Through Walls to bypass stuff, or hack certain characters into your party, including even Golbez. If you guys want to show it off for me, by all means.

Many of the Dummy items are battle items or items that heal specific ailments like Antidotes.

One lets you summon random monsters.

You can even get the Crystal Cecil uses against Zeromus.

Sadly, it does nothing to regular enemies.

You can get the two items Cecil automatically uses in the introduction, which are the two attack items that weren't dummied out.

The Zeus Gauntlets drop from enemies and boost Strength and Vitality by ten points. They're pretty awesome.

The Adamant armor is incredible, giving a huge defense boost, protection from status effects, and a fifteen-point boost to every stat. I'll talk about it more later.

EvilMasks may drop the Glass Helmet, which gives a nice defense boost and apparently protects against elemental attacks.

You can even obtain multiple trash cans and Sort menus.

Plus all four of Rydia's bonus summons, including the Dummied Cockatrice. I'll show them off later.

This is the Porno Mag.

You can also get the HP/MP boosting items. I even gave Kain some MP despite him having no use for it.

This item is the Alert, which puts you into a random battle. What the hell is the point of this, you may think?

It puts you in a battle with the rarest enemy encounter.

Meet the PinkPuffs, only found in this room. In other versions, you want to steal Alerts from Alert enemies so you can use them all in this room to get this encounter. Since you can't get Alerts in this version, you have a 1/32 or 1/64 chance of finding these guys. Fun!

These guys auto-Berserk our team, though Cecil and Kain are protected from it. They also play various Chocobo music. They hit hard, but unlike other flan enemies they're vulnerable to physical attacks and go down easily.

So why would you want to fight them besides the awesome money haul? Because of their rare drop, the Pink Tail. I'm not crazy enough to actually grind for it, so I'll just obtain one using my cheats.

Before I show it off, let's check out Rydia's summons.

Bomb will deal damage around Rydia's health, from what I could find.

Mindflayer uses Blaster, which hurts and can paralyze an enemy.

Cockatrice just plain sucks.

Nah, but seriously, it can petrify an enemy, which isn't that bad if you're really lucky if you stumble upon one in Mt. Hobs. It's not nearly as great as the Break/Stone spell, though, and you can't actually obtain it normally in this version.

So if you grind long enough to actually find PinkPuffs, and you grind even longer to actually find a Pink Tail, your reward is the overpowered Adamant Armor. I really don't recommend wasting your time doing this in this version of the game, especially since you don't actually need it.

Let's close this thing out with an interesting observation.

If only Tellah had a fucking Soma Drop, he wouldn't have had to give up his life to slightly inconvenience Golbez.