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Original Thread: Are you there, God? It's me, Final Fantasy IX



Final Fantasy IX is the most Hawaiian video game, if the story that it was developed primarily in Square-EA's Hawaii branch is to be believed. Multiple staff interviews also corroborate this. It is also the only game to unironically feature Hawaiian dress-casual clothes, and possibly the only game to feature a synthesized ukulele.

The game itself is very simple and straightforward. There are, what, eight(?) playable characters. Each has their own specific set of abilities, and you can set your party of four characters up any way you choose, as long as it contains the hero. FF9 is easy enough that you can finish it with any character setup you want, but is also mechanics-ey enough to reward specific party setups and strategies built to game the system.

There are super-spergy hidden bonus mechanics in this game. They will be discussed, but for all intents and purposes, will be ignored in the playthrough itself.

This LP was originally going to be written in Hawaiian language and was going to be a one-off hijack to Leovinus' abandoned thread of the same game, but that's not sporting at all.

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So, Final Fantasy IX. To American markets, a decade old in November. It is my favorite Final Fantasy, and pulls up the bottom rank in my top three favorite games of all time. The plot is strange. The characters are great. The music is beautiful. It has one of the meatiest game worlds I've ever experienced. Singular NPCs have more character than every hero from every new Enix game released in the past seven years put together.

Don't get me wrong. Of course this will be a LP with fun times and analyses of mechanics. But it will also attempt to showcase the offerings that the game world has to offer, whether it's hidden treasures, strange objects to examine, weird events to be had, or even just fun NPCs to talk to. That said...

... and now, noble ladies and lords, and our rooftop viewers, I hope you enjoy our presentation of 'Let's Play Final Fantasy IX'!

Table of Contents

Screaming Idiot posted:

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack airships on fire off the Iifa Tree. I watched Firaga spells glitter in the dark near the gates of Lindblum. All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain... Time to die.

Table of Contents

Horrible Fanart

Seris believes in buttock augmentation

Reagle smokes weed every day, as evinced by this image

Flashbang wants to know if you can spare a dollar for some booze, i mean, food

Screaming Idiot's quintessential masterpiece, "Genome with a Shotgun."

Seris depicts what Zidane has gotten up to after having been alive for a couple dozen centuries.
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