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Part 20: Kill them all! Don't leave any survivors!

Yes, the chapter where Montblanc starts pushing up daisies starts with a conversation with his brother.

Nono has problems. Everyone in Ivalice does. Mewt didn't at first, but Ramza caused them.

Nono's problem is that someone hit him and ran, I'm guessing.

oh, someone hit his airship and ran.

Jagd is German for the noun "hunt."

More exposition!

I like how you think, Ramza boy.

Wait for it...

I think this is the best box of text in the whole game.

And this is how jagds work. Also, running away from random encounters is impossible in one.

And thus Montblanc's fate was sealed.

The single hardest dispatch in the entire game, #193, Thorny Dreams, gives a Blood Apple. The other Blood Apple involves a guy named after FFT's primary antagonist. I won't be getting to this for forever. The follow-up to this quest is a battle that is hilariously simple because of how absurdly strong you are compared to the enemy due to the amount of time it takes.

"Seth, where did you get that corset?"
"Well, that river was called wild..."

At twenty magic talent, the two-desert, two-mountain set-up I was going for has been made redundant.

It's a holy knightsword that strengthens holy, absorbs holy, teaches holy blade, and makes enemies holey.

Now that Lini finally has all 60 MP he needs and I've done the one possible dispatch, I'm going to finally beat up the Jagd Dorsa guys.

This ninja has nice stuff that I forget to steal. Oh well.

Seth takes a break as Montblanc rejoins the front lines!

It's possible for two moogles to Smile at each other forever, or at least until they are at level 50. I don't do anymore than this, but it's certainly possible.

It's time for Lini to reveal his true power...

Ultima attacks cost a ton of MP...

...But they deal tons of damage.

Triple damage, in fact.

The enemies, despite being in very good classes (or monsters), all fall fast.

Aw yeah another White Robe!


Ramza is stupid and amoral.

And here's a bonus for the four guys who voted for Montblanc living: Ramza dies.

-gd. I can't believe I forgot to let the text finish.

But if Ramza dies the game is over, so this never happened.