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Part 22: Recommended: Overkill

This is the next story mission. I'm ignoring it.

Nono, last time you asked me to get those Dorsa guys your brother died. Do you really want that to happen again? What did Sobert ever do to you?

This mission is dumb and I want to kill the fairy.

Finally, something to do with all this adamantite. I'm drowning in the shit. I have so much of the stuff that Lini has an adamantite skeleton now. It's why he's so tough.

I get the husk of an exploded bomb and a gigantic sword.

The fun thing about Ramza's two excaliburs is this. I don't know how it's gotten to 272 already but dammit I'm not complaining.

He was my favorite of the Seven Wisdoms, jackasses!

My clan is starting to sound like two kids on a playground trying to outdo the other's made up superhero.

"This guy has two giant holy swords! And they're both Excalibur, so he's the doubleking!"

"Yeah, well this guy is a sage, so can use his knowledge of the whole universe to cause explosions by thinking about it!"

"But the doubleking can combine his two Excaliburs into a gigantic holy laser sword!"

"The sage has a friend who can breathe lightning!"

"And there's this ninja girl who can turn invisible and kill people by touching them!"

What you at home should take from this is that clan Beoulve is getting awesome and powerful.

The guys who hit Nono's ship last time had a few nice toys. What's up for grabs this time?


Stop existing I want that gun.

Yeah whatever.


It has Concentrate! I must have it!

It's all mine and I'll treasure it forever...

...This is a jagd. They're dead now.

I haven't gone over what Concentrate does or why I fawn over it so much so a demonstration is in order. Those Roisotti slayers will be my example.

On a side note this moogle who has a name I've never seen before has a Sword Breaker, the knife that teaches Steal: Weapon.

Big Gabbana here is the only one who needs to die for you to win. Fuck Li'l Gabbana.

Now that the irony is over, it's time for Lini to show off what Concentrate can do...

Concentrate sets pretty much everything but status abilities up about 30 percent regardless of evasion. Status abilities start at about 80% and go up to 95%. Remember that the RNG is skewed in favor of success, so this Ultima Charge won't miss.


Says the moogle who is missing most of his torso.

This happens to me a lot.

I don't have any idea what the sequence of events here is if it involves a bomb shell and a rusty sword.

Lini can inflict Stop from 8 panels away at a near 100% chance now. Do you understand why this moogle is now supremely dangerous?

Oh hey a Thor Rod. This is the rod that teaches Time Mages Quicken so it's pretty important.


Ramza and Seth go on a wacky adventure in monster exploitation!