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Part 24: I didn't think the God made holy stones but...more evil...

I think the problem with the Redwings sidequest is this. Baguba is the 4th town you get, and it's much easier to go to Cyril or Sprohm because of the discounts. It's very easy to miss this and it's an essential step in the chain.

Before that, Curealls.

Before you expect anything, these are completely normal Liliths. I doubt they even have Twister.

Even worse, techniques are banned, so Carson only has his blade to hurt things with.

Turning Ramza into a frog. That's just insulting.

Hey, Carson, use one of those 99 Curealls!

That's a fine plan!

...What are you doing?

Oh god what's he gonna do.

Welp, there went Baguba Port.

However, the Magus sisters are now no more than stains.

This Delta Fang is half of the insignia. I like the insignia. It doubles AP gain.

Jang here is hired to replace the pile of ashes that used to be Anton.

A fetch quest! It's hard to dislike it because it's still just fighting, and that's what this game is about.

The other falgabirds are here, and they're gonna get it.

Now guess what Kraken is. I'll give you a moment.


If you said Ice Flan, you were right!

If you said a complete joke, you were also right! Kraken may have Blizzaga, but that doesn't save him from his fire weakness and low HP.

Oh dear lord, who had that gun?

I've got my BANE sword and 3 charges of BRAK. I'm good to go.

Taimat, however, is immune to most fun things.

Being a boss Thunder Drake, she has Dragon Force.

She isn't immune to Controlling.

Through the fire and flames we carry on~

Besides that, she's mildly dangerous with a strong thunder breath. Controlling her makes it a cinch.

Greater elemental gem and big sword. I like quests like this.

More like Lich de Short Stick. He doesn't get to be a vampire like all the other cool undead.

He's just a regular-ass zombie.

Miasma is pretty much Bio in different packaging. The Blue Magic? Drain Touch, which is very impractical.

One of the mog knights has Smile for those who want to get it for free.


Has seen zombies before.
Has seen sentient desserts.
Has fell in holes in space/time.
Has broken the very fabric of reality.

Norma stops clapping her hands and believing. The mog knight fades away.

Doublecasting Unicorn blows Lich apart.

Giant flaming sword? Giant flaming sword.

~*~Super Genius~*~

Alright, now that I have all 4 sigils, it's time to stick them together and make the Soulstone!

Except Clan Shalo's in the way. They'll pay for this!

Huh. Didn't expect this. The only class that learns a combo from this is Dragoon.

The mind is made of the Aristotelian elements that rise...

... And the body is made of the two that sink.

No idea how that has any relevance, but it's a great way to make 4 images more interesting.

The ceffyls themselves aren't very useful.

This baby right here is.

It takes 4 battles to forge so I guess I'll stumble haphazardly around for a bit.


The lack of context makes it even better!