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Part 25: Recommended: Monologues on Motivation

I try to get Eldena Reflex, but I get bored and stop.

Anyway, I should really get to this mission.

Oh okay.

Haha, me neither! I've already bought everything and I still have 200K gil sitting around!

Thanks for reiterating the point.


Maybe important detail: This mission is about people who forge brand-name clocks, like these guys are making Rolex knock-offs.

Making knock-off Rolexes involves manipulation of space/time and a guy who flings Molotov cocktails.


"No one firebombs you back in the real world."

Do you see the size of her rapier?

It's all ornate and shit. All she has back home are snowballs.

Shara's well off, too. Shara isn't a very Viera-y name. Now she's Shjr'j.

Ramza murders the Alchemist and goes right back to bickering with Ritz. They really ramp up the talking as we're, believe it or not, getting to the endgame.

Blah blah blah "wouldn't you do it too" "how about Doned" blah blah blah.

Seth makes the sun explode so everyone will shut up.

It isn't a very big deal.

But they start talking some more once the battle ends!

Blah blah blah "We'll turn you in if we have to" blah blah blah emotional rift between Ritz and Ramza blah. Ramza walks off leaving Shjr'j and Ritz alone.

But the scene doesn't fade so time for ~*~Character development!~*~

Kinda cold to ditch your friends and family, yo.

Did she leave behind a cancerous tumor? Did her mom and dad beat her every day? Does having an ornate rapier make people ignore her immense forehead?

No, it's... wait for it...

Her offensively bright hair is her reason for staying!

Ritz's mom would when she dyed Ritz hair and that made Ritz all about the whole affair.

Yeah, that's it. Her hair is naturally superred, and the magic of Ivalice makes unhappy traits like "white hair" and "pussy with 8 HP" vanish.

Speaking of Mewt...

"Y'know, despite being the only person fighting that invasion by the Redwings that's happening. Right now. As we speak."

"If I can get outside for all the Redwings swarming out there, that is."

Hurry or the world will break. Holy shit does Cid not realize the magnitude of that?

Mewt collapses into Babus before the poor guy can even leave to summon Remedi. Also, Mewt may have more than 8 HP but he's still a wuss.

Muscadet, the Viera village, is placed nowhere near a forest.

Ramza reasons that there are 5 crystals total because there are five races.

...Man, the Gran Grimoire sucks at creating whole peoples sometimes.

Then Ezel shows up to tell Ramza about some plot!

But Cid said towns...

Ezel's still our friend...

No new missions are available so...

I prepare Ramza for a fight that I rightly can't know exists yet and...

Walk on to Muscadet for the next boss fight.

Beating women and kidnapping Eeyore, all in a day's work for the judges.

"The Moogle has a gigantic smile on his face at all times. Oh, and he works deep magics to shoot people."

So the judge starts to take away the moogle, despite that moogle having but only wry grin.

My bullies never had the power to teleport me to jail.

"I'll have to steal the judge!"

While that would be interesting, it, sadly, can't happen.

The judge is all "okay" and summons some dudes.

Make sure Ramza is in the clear when it comes to the laws.

One of the Templars has a Genji Armor. This is important.

There's seven dudes so I have to go in one short. Norma gets a break because she's so high level.

Now the battle finally begins.

Grab the loot.

Break some bones.

Circumvent the law.

Blow up the sun again.

Well, that's it for the first part of the mission.


Ramza argues with people and punches fruit in the meantime. Stealing is involved.

Anyone not clear on some mechanic? I haven't had a subject for a Mechanics Chat in ages.