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Part 26: Recommended: Battlefield Philosophy

This can't go poorly. At all.

This went poorly.

Babus is involved in this part, for whatever reason.

I'm amazed Ramza remembered those names, much less how to pronounce them.

Okay, there's a minor plot point here where Ramza doesn't want his clanmates arrested too. Carson has been in the slammer twice and Lini should for his cold-blooded murder.

Reiterating plot points, a-yup. Go FFTA.


Also OBVIOUS. Cripes, Ramza, couldn't you do any research?

It's not like Beoulve is in a shitty spo-

-Yeah, what he's saying.

Mewt is in mode all the time.

Hey, look, Ramza grew a real reason for wanting to destroy Ivalice. He's trying to help Mewt, see? What a fucking hero! Nevermind that this has only come up now that 3 of the crystals are gone.

The universe, incapable of understanding Ramza being altruistic, starts to fracture.

It dumps everybody (including Cid's chocobo which is here now) into another Totema chamber.

Exodus is weak for some reason.

Being a tree, it's now fruit or something. Ramza's mind instantly goes to crystal-obliteration mode.

Watch out, Ramza's gonna give his heroic resolve speech!

Now that we're fired up, what are we gonna do?

That's right, beat up Babus, ignore Cid, and spoil...

Exodus, the Judge-Sal!

...Once everyone is done talking.

You know, Babus, for being in the wrong, makes a damn lot of sense.

Then there's this bit of text from him:

Are these words true? Did Mewt scream it like "I'm the only one who can play with my toys"? This kind of ambiguity doesn't help anyone's case.

"...I grew a new motivation! Now I have retroactively always been in the right!"

Either way, Babus can't touch Damage>MP.

Did Mewt brainwash everybody, or did some people brainwash themselves!

Now that I finally have a turn for all the talking, Babus has a fancy new robe, a Lotus Mace to replace his old one, but no shield.

He's got Demi, the improved version of Quarter, but his only means of damage are stopped by Ramza's fancy Blaze Robe and Damage>MP.


Why not?

Of course, leaving him alive would be a nuisance...

Now that nothing can stop us, as Cid is content to judge the destruction of his world, Ramza punches the fruit until it explodes.

Cid is a "master" rank Judge, meaning that any infraction is instant jail. If Ramza is jailed, it's game over instantly. There's no point to save in between stepping on Muscadet and now.

Oh yeah, the fruit explodes pretty graphically.

Babus wakes up from his saber-induced coma to find he's too late.

4/5 gone

This crystal just fades. Lame.

Time for more Mewt's life sucks theatre, this time featuring...


I read that Cid was a jolly drunk in the Japanese text, and the translation added all the self-loathing he has.

Either way, seeing this affects Cid on a profound level...

...As the game borrows the fade-out effect from Freezeblink...

Cid has been disillusioned by these sights, so he decrees...

This is actually a horrible message. More on that later.

I don't think any clanmates who had been arrested before Muscadet get freed for free, but I haven't checked.


Exodus does the same thing as Ultima; MP damage.

Another Black Robe? Fuckin' KICK ASS!

Wait, who's paying us?

Longbarrel for 25 Identify, if anyone cares.

The Genji Armor grants humans Reflex. Moogles are the only ones who miss out.

Can Eldena absorb the MP of her own summons? I need to try this once I get Madeen.

Speaking of Eldena, I think it's funny that I've just stopped using weapons on her. They're not worth the equipment slot.

This is why independent judges suck. Every battle has three of the roughest, toughest laws. Carrying some antilaws to keep key abilities is more important than ever.


Eman Sdrawkcab! A Target Bow?!