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Part 8: Job Analysis: Blue Mage

Making its first appearance in the series, the Blue Mage is an unusual "hybrid" class that can do decently physically and learns unique magic in its own unique way.

Stat Changes

Strength: -8
Agility: +1
Stamina: +3
Magic: +23

Low strength is countered by its ability to equip swords, the Blue Mage is does lean towards the Mage side like most Hybrid classes. Mainly this allows you to save MP on simple enemies.

Innate Skills

Blue Magic: The Blue Mage can cast any learned spell listed under Blue Magic.

Learning: When the Blue Mage is hit by any Blue Magic cast by an enemy, the spell will be added to the list of castable Blue Magic Spells.

Learned skills

Check: The Blue Mage will reveal an enemy's HP.
AP Required:10

Learning: Gives any Job the Learning skill.
AP Required:20

Blue Magic: Gives any Job the Blue Magic skill.
AP Required:70

Scan: The Blue Mage will reveal the enemy's level, HP, any weaknesses they might have, and any status effects it might be suffering from.
AP Required: 250

Total AP to Master:350

Blue Magic

Doom: The enemy it's cast on will die in 30 seconds
MP Cost: 10

Roulette: A random target will be killed.
MP Cost: 1

Aqua Breath: Does heavy Water damage to all enemies
MP Cost: 38

Level 5 Death: Kills all enemies who's level is a multiple of 5.
MP Cost: 22

Level 4 Graviga: Reduces all enemies who's level is a multiple of 4 HP to 1/4.
MP Cost: 9

Level 2 Old: Inflicts the Old status on all enemies who's level is a multiple of 2.
MP Cost: 11

Level 3 Flare: Does massive non elemental damage to enemies who's level is a multiple of 3.
MP Cost: 18

Pond's Chorus: Inflicts the Toad status on one enemy.
MP Cost: 5

Liliputian Lyric: Inflicts the Mini status on one enemy.
MP Cost: 5

Flash: Inflicts the Blind status on all enemies.
MP Cost: 7

Time Slip: Inflicts the Sleep and Old statuses on one enemy.
MP Cost: 9

Moon Flute: Gives all allies the Berserk status.
MP Cost: 3

Death Claw: Reduces an enemy to single digit HP and inflicts the Paralyze status.
MP Cost: 21

Aero: Does light Wind elemental damage.
MP Cost: 4

Aera: Does medium Wind elemental damage.
MP Cost: 10

Aeroga: Does heavy Wind elemental damage.
MP Cost: 24

Flame Thrower: Does medium Fire elemental damage.
MP Cost: 5

Goblin Punch: Does physical damage. If the enemy is the same level as the caster, damage is greatly increased.
MP Cost: 0

Dark Spark: Halves the enemy's level
MP Cost: 27

Off-Guard: Reduces an enemy's defense.
MP Cost: 19

Transfusion: The Caster removes themselves from the battle and fully restores an ally's HP and MP.
MP Cost: 13

Mind Blast: Does non-elemental damage and inflicts the Sap and Paralyze statuses.
MP Cost: 6

Vampire: Drains HP from the enemy. Amount drained is enough to bring caster to full HP.
MP Cost: 2

Magic Hammer: Halves an enemy's HP.
MP Cost: 3

Mighty Guard: Gives all allies the Protect, Shell, and Float statuses.
MP Cost: 72

Self-Destruct: Caster kills itself to do damage to the enemy, damage is equal to caster's current HP.
MP Cost: 1

???: Does (Max HP - Current HP) Damage.
MP Cost: 3

1000 Needles: Does 1000 damage to an enemy.
MP Cost: 25

White Wind:Restores the party's HP. Amount healed is the Caster's current HP.
MP Cost: 28

Missile: Reduces an enemy's HP to 1/4
MP Cost: 7

Normal Play Analysis

The Blue mage is fantastically versatile and powerful. It contains its own line of elemental spells. (And very little resists or absorbs Wind) Several spells from other mages, only cheaper (Flamethower, is a cheaper Fira, Missile is a cheaper Graviga etc). As well as several unique spells that can alter an enemy's level and spells that can hit that new altered level. One notable thing is that Level 5 Death bypasses death immunity. If it's level is a multiple of 5, it's dead. (I have no idea of Level 2 Old and Level 4 Graviga also follow this. If they do, awesome, if not, just less awesome) The biggest problem is, of course, getting those spells. You need to let an enemy cast the spell, or in the case of the support Blue spells, force them to cast it on you. The greatest weakness of Blue Magic is that it can't be Dualcasted. Which is a tragedy. Imagine if you could get of Mighty Guard and then Hastega in a single turn (OK technically you can but it's way more expensive MP wise.)

Low Level Play Analysis

Blue Mage is still awesome, and learning Blue Magic is only slightly harder. The biggest problem is that a lot of the best Blue spells are expensive MP-wise. With low MP they're hard to get off. You're going to need a Gold Hairpin and someone dedicated to chucking Ethers at your caster to use these properly.