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Part 9: It's just not Faris's day.

This set up is for demonstration purposes

Behold! The lowly Goblin.

It has such low HP that even Death Claw can't knock it into Critical HP

Hold down and B!

And we've learned Goblin Punch. Most importantly, no EXP. You see, Capturing an enemy does not count as beating it. So they give no EXP or AP. Beastmaster was already needed to learn all the Blue Magic, now it's even better. Heck, Garula even provides a nice place to unload the monsters, since it doesn't give EXP ever.

In what has to be a joke, when you release a Goblin it casts Flare.

Smoke, now I can run away Ninja style.

For funsies I get this.

I took this screenshot because Scholars running around amuse me.

I think this library has problems if they have possessed books.

Oh here's one.

Faris took one for the team!

Then she took another one.

But hey, it let me learn the awesome Level 5 Death.

Next summon! Thinking about it, this is the only Summon in the game other then the three store bought ones that's required.

Boss Fight: Ifrit.


Lots and lots of Ice Rods.

Then he begs for me to stop.

Second summon of the basic trio gotten!

Why does this amuse me?

Why two books when you only fight one boss?

Boss Fight: Byblos

Hey a Blue Magic spell without messing around.

Fire Rods again, this thing is hilariously weak to fire.

....Faris takes another one for the team. :

The first boss to get this flashy death too.

Well screw you too Mid.