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Original Thread: A Group of Weaklings Cut Down a Tree - Low Level Final Fantasy V



Alternate Title: Powering up the Chicken Knife with every Fight

Final Fantasy 5 is my favorite Final Fantasy game and one of my favorite games ever made. The job system is brilliant in its simplicity. Allowing tons of customization while being easily understandable. It's just such a fun game to play that I make a point of breaking it out once a year. This year, I'm doing something different. I'll be playing, and documenting, a low level playthrough.

That's exactly as it sounds. I'll be doing my best to minimize the amount of levels the group of weirdos that form the cast gain.

So what exactly does being low level mean?

Well, thankfully, in many ways what level you are is far less important then what skills you have.

To use the final screenshot from Orange Fluffy Sheep LP of this game as an example, this is his party after having done pretty much everything, he beat the final superboss. And his party is only level 50. In most Final Fantasy games, 50 is the level you are when you beat the game.

So what does level effect? The most important thing it does is HP and MP. This is completely unchangable, because I'm low level I'll always have low HP and MP. Level also effects damage in some ways, but this can be worked around using the right abilities.

One final thing, this will be an all spoiler zone. I'm not covering the plot except for the barest summary if I feel like it. So feel free to post how Faris is really a girl and Gilgamesh is The Best.

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Other Links

Orange Fluffy Sheep's LP of the game without any insane challenge conditions. Read it to see the plot.
Blastinus's LP of Final Fantasy VI, which also included a low level run by Nakar. I do not think I'll be able to top  getting the final boss to kill itself  but I sure will try.
Quovak also doing a low level run through a generally easy, though beloved RPG.

Bonus Stuff

Shaezerus answers some question: What happens if you give Berserker Equip Harps?

And why doesn't Galuf get the new GBA jobs?

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