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Part 26: Job Analysis: Geomancer

An unusual class, the Geomaner is a mage that casts spells without using MP based off the terrain, as well as having a host of useful passive abilties.

Stat Changes

Strength: +4
Agility: +2
Stamina: +4
Magic: +24

Unusually for a mage class, the Geomancer actually gets Strength and Stamina boosts. Of course, the only weapons it can equip are Knives and Bells and Gaia doesn't cost any MP so Strength is pointless though the extra HP is nice.

Innate Skills

Gaia: The Geomancer will cast a spell for 0 MP. What spell it is depends on the arena being fought in (The background that appears in each fight.)

Find Pits: Some duneons have pitfalls, with a Geomancer in the party, when you walk over these you'll automatically jump back and the pit will be exposed.

Light Step: Some dungeons have damage floors, with a Geomancer in the party when you walk over these you won't be damaged.

Learned Skills.

Gaia: Allows any class to use the Gaia command.
AP Required: 10

Find Pits: Grants any class the Find Pits ability.
AP Required: 50

Light Step: Grants any class the Light Step ability.
AP Required: 100

Total AP to master: 160

Normal Play Analysis

Geomancer is the cheapest job in the game to master, and its passive abilities are useful in any dungeon that has pits and damage floors. Gaia is also a useful command for sticking onto any other mage to save MP. Learn Gaia and then bring it out whenever you need it.

Low Level Play Analysis
Since saving MP isn't really needed because you'll be running from every random fight, Gaia isn't as useful. Still bring one out when the damage floors and pits come up though.