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Part 34: Job Analysis: Dragoon

A hard hitting physical class, the Dragoon's main thing is it's ability to Jump.

Stat Changes

Strength: +18
Agility: +5
Stamina: +15
Magic -12

Innate Skills

Jump: The Dragoon will Jump up into the air, while Jumping the Dragoon can not be targeted by allies or enemies. After a short time, the Dragoon will land on an enemy. Damage will be doubled if a spear is equipped.

Learned Skills

Jump: Allows any class to use the Jump command.
AP Required: 50

Lance: Deal damage to the enemies HP and MP, recover HP and MP based off damage done.
AP Required: 150

Equip Spears: Gives any class the ability to equip Spears.
AP Required: 400

Total AP to Master: 600

Normal Play Analysis

There's nothing particularly vital about the Dragoon. It's a fun class to use but it really has only one gimmick. Jump and more Jump. Lance can be useful to keep up MP. Use it like a less defensive Knight and you're good.

Low Level Play Analysis

Jump does double damage, I didn't take advantage of it much, but if you want you can do a lot more damage with Jump and a strong spear faster then you can with other weapons.