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Part 45: Job Analysis: Gladiator

One of the new jobs added in the GBA version, the Gladiator is supposed to be the master of physical combat.

Stat Changes

Strength: +26
Agility: +14
Stamina: +3
Magic: -14

Tieing with the Monk for highest strength, the lowish stamina lends the Gladiator a glass cannon feel.

Innate Skills

Finisher: The Gladiator will do three things. Either it will fail, do a critical hit, or an elemental attack that does 9999 damage.

Lure:Increases the random encounter rate.

Learned Skills

Lure: Grants any class the Lure ability.
AP Required: 20

Finisher: Allows any class to use the Finisher Command.[/i]
AP Required: 70

Long Range: Physical attacks will no longer be penalized by being in the back row.
AP Required: 150

Bladeblitz: Attacks every enemy.
AP Required: 450

Total AP to Master: 690

Normal Play Analysis
The Gladiator can equip every physical weapon, and Finisher is handy. Bladebliz is actually more useful then Rapidfire in handling random encounters. Really, the problem is that they didn't give it Long Range as an innate ability. It would be awesome if they did that.

Low Level Play Analysis
Finisher does 9999 damage without any set up. That's pretty useful and I probably should have taken advantage of it more.