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Part 47: Job Analysis: Oracle

The Magic job of the new Advance Jobs. The Oracle can be powerful... if you can bother to figure out how to use it.

Stat Changes

Strength: -9
Agility: -1
Stamina: -4
Magic: +36

The Oracle has the honor of having the highest magic stat in the game. Ironically its massive MP pool isn't that important because its spells use little or no MP.

Innate Skills

Condemn: The Oracle will cast a selection of spells for no MP cost.

Learned Skills

Condemn: Allows any class to use the Condemn command.
AP Required: 25

Predict: The Oracle can spend MP (1, 3, or 7) to perform a spell. What spell is performed depends on the last digit of the Oracle's MP. The power of the spell depends on the last digit of the casters HP.
AP Required:50

ABP Up: Increases the AP earned by 150%.
AP Required: 150

Read Ahead: Reduces the random encounter rate.
AP Required: 300

Total AP to Master: 525


Black Frost: Does Ice elemental damage to an enemy.

Brimstone: Does Fire elemental damage to an enemy

Doom: Inflicts the Doom status effect on an enemy. Is different then the Blue Magic version, the timer is only 10 seconds.

Judgment: Inflicts Thunder elemental damage on an enemy.

Recuperation: Cures all negative status effects on a party member.

Rejuvenation: Restores HP to one party member.

Salienta: Inflicts the Toad status effect on an enemy.

Still Wing Inflicts the Stop status on an enemy.

Predict: Level 1
Cost 1 MP to cast

Cleansing: Does non-elemental damage to all enemies.

Deluge: Does Water elemental damage to all characters in battle as well as inflicting the Toad status effect.

Divine Judgement: Does Holy elemental damage to all enemies and restores HP to all allies.

Predict: Level 2
Cost 3 MP to cast

Blessing: Restores HP to all allies.

Hurricane: Does Wind elemental damage to all characters in battle as well as inflicting the Silence status effect.

Rockslide: Does Earth elemental damage to all characters in battle.

Predict: Level 3
Cost 7 MP to cast

Healing Wind: Restores HP to all allies and heals all negative status effects.

Pestilence:Does non-elemental damage to all allies.

Starfall: Inflicts non-elemental damage to all characters in battle and may instantly kill a target.

Normal Play Analysis

The Oracle is powerful but hard to control. While Condemn doesn't work on Heavy type enemies for some dumb reason, free spells for random encounters isn't anything to sneeze at. Predict is very much a double edged sword. Most of the effects hit everyone. Ally and enemy. The idea, I think. Is that you can heal up the negative effects while the enemy can't. You're going to want to master Oracle for its massive magic stat, so why not have some fun with it?

Low Level Play Analysis
Condemn doesn't work on bosses and Predict will wipe out your party in one hit.