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Part 96: Module 15 & 16 Summary

Nohte Cliffs Publishing, History Series: The Dalmascan Occupation
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Module 15 & 16 Summary

- Having infiltrated Ondore's Resistance forces, ships from the Rozarrian military break away during a training exercise to directly strike the Imperial armada, starting a shooting war. In retaliation, Vayne leads Cid's greatest creation, the Sky Fortress Bahamut, to meet the Resistance over the skies of Rabanastre. Larsa begs his brother to allow the Resistance to surrender, but Vayne intends to force an all-out fight to crush the resistance for good.
- Balthier manages to dock the Strahl with the Bahamut in the confusion of the battle. Aided by Larsa, and then by Gabranth in Larsa's defense, the party fights Vayne and his potent manufacted nethicite. Gabranth and Vaan mortally wound Vayne, and Larsa uses his sample of nethicite to absorb Vayne's power. However, Vayne wounds Gabranth in retaliation and manages to withdraw. As Gabranth dies, he asks Basch to protect Larsa and prevent Archadia from falling into a destructive civil war.
- Proclaiming his mission to break the influence of the Occuria complete, Venat merges with the dying Vayne to infuse him with power, in order to take as many of his enemies with him as possible before they die. The party strikes Vayne down for the final time, but the energy released in doing so gravely damages the Bahamut. Vaan and Penelo fly the party away from the Bahamut as Larsa, Ashe, and Basch, pretending to be his brother, announce Vayne's death and proclaim a cease-fire between the Resistance and Imperial forces. Balthier and Fran remain behind on the Bahamut, effecting repairs to keep it from falling onto Rabanastre, crashing it instead outside the city.
- A year later, Dalmasca has been granted its sovereignty once more, and Ashe is coronated as Queen. Basch remains in Archadia disguised as Gabranth, guarding Larsa and fulfilling his brother's dying wish. Balthier makes good on his promise to return for the Strahl some day, returning Ashe's wedding band and inviting Vaan and Penelo to join him and Fran in search of an even greater treasure.


Bahamut - a massive flying fortress powered by manufacted nethicite, designed by Doctor Cid. Activated by Venat's actions at the Pharos, the fortress was designed to absorb the Mist stored in the Sun-Cryst, giving it nearly infinite energy reserves and the destructive power of the relics of Raithwall, but was ultimately limited to what it could draw in prior to the Sun-Cryst's destruction.

Bazaar Packages
Noisome Incendiaries (3x Fire Crystal, 1x Bomb Shell)
Oil-soaked Incendiaries (3x Bomb Ashes, 3x Fire Crystal, 2x Book of Orgain)
Befuddling Incendiaries (7x Fire Crystal, 4x Bomb Shell, 3x Book of Orgain-Cent)
Black Vestments (9x Blood Wool, 8x Dark Crystal, 7x Prime Tanned Hide)
White Vestments (9x Blood Wool, 8x Holy Crystal, 7x Beastlord Hide)
Forbidding Shield (8x Destrier Barding, 2x Aged Turtle Shell, 1x Leamonde Halcyon)
Scout's Crossbow (9x Holy Crystal, 4x Wyvern Fang, 3x Ancient Bone)
Water-drop Munitions (10x Water Crystal, 3x Book of Orgain, 3x Putrid Liquid)
Whisker of the Beast (4x Aquarius Gem, 3x Corpse Fly, 3x Mythril)
Bow of the Mood Goddess (5x Solid Horn, 2x Moondust, 1x Sylphi Halcyon)

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