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Part 1:  Prologue and Chapter 1

Fire Emblem Girls
Prologue & Chapter 1

Same opening scene, at any rate. But what's this? Ninian is here instead of Seth? Yep, that's what the "Girls" subtitle means: Every female from the GBA series becomes playable at one point or another. Even the generic enemies have female sprites. Although...having a Dancer instead of a Paladin here...I wonder how that'll affect the scripted fight with Valter?

Oh. Valter just misses and Ninian attempts to slap him (I guess) for zero damage, with no animation. Somewhat disappointing.

With that we can begin the first map of the game. It looks similar to the original Prologue, except for the door, which we'll need to open with the Door Key the boss drops. Then we just have to get Eirika past the wall before...well you'll see.

Eirika starts off pretty much the same way she always does. In her inventory she has a Rapier, Iron Sword and a Bronze Sword - Bronze weapons are taken from FE10: they're reliable but cannot crit. Eirika also has the Imbue skill, which in this game restores 15% of her HP each turn. There's a LOT of new and reworked skills in this game.

Stat-wise, Ninian's what you'd expect. Don't ask about the Slim Sword in her inventory, I guess the cutscene needed it. Dancers in this game can use staves, which is helpful because the increased staff EXP means Ninian will level up faster through healing. But wait, what's this? The staff is EQUIPPED? Yep! Staves are equippable like in FE10 - sure, you can't attack with them, but you DO get an effect from the staff by equipping it - in this case, Ninian will heal a few HP each turn. Equipping staves will come in handy a LOT further down the road. Ninian can even PROMOTE, but we'll have to wait on that, it requires a Master Seal.

Eirika attacks the first Fighter. You can see that they have a "female" sprite, it's not exactly all that good. You can also see I have a 99% chance to hit - just like in Thracia 776, you can't have a 100% or 0% chance to hit. This has gotten me killed before. I'm also pretty sure the game only rolls 1 RN for hitting instead of averaging two.

Ninian then dances for Eirika. She has Tethys's sprite but Ninian's colors; it looks kinda nice.

On the enemy phase the second enemy attacks Eirika, who one-rounds her in return. Most players would conserve the Rapier, but it's the strongest thing you've got and you need to be quick in this map, because...

...Valter shows up once the boss is the only one left. Needless to say, you can't beat him yet.

Just a side note: watching Ninian dance every time she heals someone is annoying and you should turn her animations off.

Anyways, Eirika one-rounds the boss and takes his keys, and she levels up as well.

Like in Shadow Dragon the game combines the character growths with the class growths, so I imagine it'll take REALLY bad luck to get crappy levels. (Famous last words)

After that, Eirika unlocks the door with help from Ninian...

Valter moves closer, but Eirika moves past the door, which ends the chapter - there wasn't a Seize tile or anything. This chapter's a bit of a puzzle more than an actual fight, which is okay for the Prologue - although I've heard people were actually stuck here for awhile before either figuring it out or quitting.

Personally, I wish I'd quit.

I figure the Prologue's too short for one update, so let's continue.

The scripted battle is still there, and we can see that Breguet is a big cheater - Bronze weapons can't crit!

The map also happens to be brand-new - although that mountain range looks a little wierd. I know from experience working with mountain tiles is annoying as shit.

Eirika's going to be handling most of the combat at first. Yeah, the Rapier could one-round the enemy here but I want to conserve the Rapier because you can't get another one very easily.

This enemy, however, CAN be one-rounded with the Iron sword. The other enemy has only one HP left and is retreating to a fort.

Well, defense is nice!

Speaking of defense, these two show up on the next turn.

Standing in for Gilliam and Franz respectively, it's Wendy and Karla! We can expect these two to be better units since we're getting them in the first chapter rather than much later.

Meanwhile Eirika dodges a bullet from the Amelia look-alike...

...and does nothing in return.

The weapon triangle is much more significant in this game: you now gain/lose 3 damage and 20 hit from an advantage/disadvantage. So you can't ignore it like you usually would.

This game loves me.

Ninian patches her up and gains magic! That's helpful! And Eirika gets strength too!

Meanwhile, Wendy is doing very well for herself...that's...kinda scary, considering how she was in FE6.

I mistakenly allowed Ninian to get hit. I thought that guy would stay on the fort!

Oh goody, more enemies. Karla and Wendy can handle the enemies near the castle, which leaves the northern enemies to Eirika and Ninian.

Karla handles the Fighters pretty well. I never did think much of Myrmidons as a whole. Maybe she'll change my mind.

Another lucky dodge.

Karla can one-round these guys easy, but pulls an uneeded crit in typical Myrmidon fashion. I was a little worried the soldier there would attack her, but it turns out its position is static, somewhat disappointing.

I also noticed the boss isn't actually on the gate. They probably figured the gate bonuses were too extreme for this early in the game, in which case I have to agree.


Oh NO.

Heh, look at Wendy trying to be like Amelia. So cute!

See this? This is Eirika with the Rapier against the boss. The triangle disadvantage wrecks her here. I guess it doesn't matter because Ninian's there, but Wendy hasn't leveled up a single time yet, so we send her instead.

Strength and defense! Wendy might just be a PROPER Knight this time.

We seize the gate, collect 5000 gold and proceed to chapter 2.

Eirika's growths:
HP: 75%
Str: 40%
Skl: 65%
Spd: 65%
Luk: 65%
Def: 35%
Res: 35%

Ninian's growths:
HP: 75%
Mag: 50%
Skl: 10%
Spd: 55%
Luk: 70% (I smell a dodge tank!)
Def: 15%
Res: 65%

Wendy's growths:
HP: 90%
Str: 45%
Skl: 40%
Spd: 30%
Luk: 50%
Def: 70%
Res: 30%

Karla's growths:
HP: 75%
Str: 35%
Skl: 70%
Spd: 65%
Luk: 45%
Def: 20%
Res: 25%