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Part 2:  Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is, to my recollection, the first and last chapter to have an unchanged map.

Same as the original Chapter 2; we need to wipe out all...six enemies? Huh.

Standing in for Vanessa and Moulder are Clarine and Serra. Yes, they moved Vanessa to a later part of the game and made Clarine the first Pegasus Knight, I don't know why.

Meanwhile, Ross and Garcia are replaced by...Recruit Guinevere and Cavalier Priscilla. Which...I'm okay with. Can you imagine if we just kept everyone's classes the same as their original appearances? Too many healers!

First things first; this village gives us a Red Gem and a spare Heal for some reason. Note that the gems are now worth triple their original values (it has three "uses" now). There's a good reason for this: some of the items are stupidly expensive.

That village also puts Selena on the map as an NPC for...some reason? She just sits in the same square the whole time, I guess she's guarding the villages.

The other village has an Elixer, as always.

Time to pull Guinevere out. Due to Priscilla being mounted I actually cannot Rescue her, so she'll have to fend for herself for a little.

Ninian was at 90 EXP at the end of the last chapter, and kicks off this one with a fantastic level.

Priscilla one-rounds this guy with a crit. Clarine could use some EXP herself, you know!

Shameless Amelia ripoff status: recruited.

I also check out the store. It'll have axes in stock after this chapter - even though you get a grand total of one unpromoted Axe user in this game and she's four chapters away.

Karla gets to work...and gets hit by an axe. Like mother, like daughter. We get a free vulnerary out of it, though.

Dammit Priscilla!...oh yes, notice the Archer here has a triangle advantage. Bows have a triangle advantage over the other physical weapons now - however, it's only a 10 hit and 1 damage bonus/loss instead of the 20 hit and 3 damage that the other weapons get. Just a minor thing to make Archers a little more viable than they usually are. Staves get the same bonus against magic users, even though staves aren't used to attack.

A couple tiles now heal the person standing on them, such as the armory. Makes sense for the shops, but later on you'll see Stair tiles healing people. That makes sense.

The last village has a Pure Water. After that we start going to work on the enemies. Eirika can take the west ones easy while Karla handles the rest.

Dammit Karla.

I see where this is going, all the luck is going to wind up where it's not needed.

Oh, of course more of them show up, this chapter just wasn't boring enough.


Just one round with Karla and the boss is already half-dead.

Meanwhile Clarine gets a lucky Javelin shot. I should also mention mounted units can move again after attacking like in the console FE games. However, the AI cannot do this, so it tends to be a bit abusable, especially early on.


Hey look, more enemies in the most obvious chokepoint ever.

DAMMIT KARLA!...wait a sec...

Wendy? Being useful? Who knew?

...okay, who are you and what have you done with Wendy.

Being able to move after attacking means Clarine gets to do things like this...

...dammit Clarine!

Priscilla gets recruited and I "accidentally" get Serra shot. That's for Matthew's Nightmare, you White Mage wannabe.

That's more like...

That pose and color combination is just perfect.

Priscilla, stop getting lucky when it's unnecessary!

I also feed Guinevere a few kills. No levels for her this chapter, sadly!

Anyways, one last level up and that'll be it for chapter 2.

Coming up in chapter 3: "Oh great, he's recycling maps from older games, that's going to end well."

Serra's growths:
HP: 60%
Mag: 50%
Skl: 35%
Spd: 45%
Luk: 70%
Def: 25%
Res: 55%

Clarine's growths:
HP: 70%
Str: 40%
Skl: 55%
Spd: 60%
Luk: 55%
Def: 25%
Res: 50%

Guinevere's growths:
HP: 65%
Str: 45%
Skl: 45%
Spd: 45%
Luk: 50%
Def: 35%
Res: 25%

Priscilla's growths:
HP: 75%
Str: 50%
Skl: 45%
Spd: 40%
Luk: 60%
Def: 35%
Res: 35%