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Fire Emblem Girls

by Ephraim225

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Original Thread: Yes, Marf and Roy are in this thread. [Fire Emblem Rom Hacks]



Welcome to Fire Emblem Girls. This is a ROM hack of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and is probably the most impressive Fire Emblem ROM hack out there to date - there are new maps, more characters, and even the game mechanics have been changed in many interesting ways. It's also completely batshit hard! This thing makes Thracia 776 look TAME. I guess it's pretty telling that the game will only let you select Normal mode - there's no Easy OR Hard mode available. Still, I like this hack for doing a crossover CORRECTLY as well as inspiring a few of Awakening's mechanics. Assuming IntSys actually pays attention to ROM hacks...oh god I hope they don't find Super Thracia...

I should mention that the text is going to be entirely Japanese: there IS an English menu patch but I've had trouble getting it to work without causing other bugs. Since the plot is most likely just a retelling of the original story based on what I've seen, and most of you are familiar enough with FE8 anyways, this shouldn't pose too much of an issue.

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