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Part 8:  Chapter 7

Gah...this chapter was incredibly boring, because it's way too long and has the worst enemy variety ever.

I recognize this from Shadow Dragon. See what the issue is? The map is way too big for how many enemies there are, even considering the clusterfuck of reinforcements we're going to see. Not only that, the original map had a second route to the castle, but apparently Grado sunk it and perched a wyvern there. So it's gonna take forever to get to the castle and almost nothing happens on the way there! Fun.

These three Pegasus Knights come after us at the start.

Bah. She'd have to hit STR and DEF on every level from now on to cap them. Ah well.

These are okay I guess.

While they dealt with that, Eirika, Priscilla and Clarine rush to the villages. Just like in FE1 you can only visit one of the two villages, so let's see what they've got. The left village gives us...

Shaman Anna! What, you thought she'd be left out of this? Meanwhile the right village gives us...

Archer Anna! Yes, both villages give the same character, but as a different class, it's pretty interesting. Except...Anna sucks no matter what! No, think about it. You're getting a level 1 unit that has to be babied in either case, and even if you do level up Anna, Shamans and Archers are pretty much the worst classes in the game. So much for the Random Number Goddess. Though the Tower will open up soon, so maybe I'll take her there. I decided to go with Shaman Anna because if I got another Archer I would need an additional Orion Bolt to promote her and the other two Archers in the game.

Ninian continues to steal luck from the other units.

And here comes the clusterfuck...there's an endless swarm of Cavaliers in those forts. They even get to move the instant they spawn. Assholes.


Anna's battle sprite. At least that red robe looks nice on her.

Oh, and more enemies coming from below the villages! And they have magnetic weapons!

Now, Clarine could waste these enemies, but the Mage is carrying an Energy Ring, so we're going to want to steal that. Also notice the suspiciously empty Ballistae.

I have to wonder if the enemy ever notices we only seem to get stronger as they suicide on us.

He tries so hard.

I regret not ever checking the turn counter, because this took an absurd amount of time to get through.


Well finally! We'll be promoting her at the end of the chapter. Until then she will stay behind for the rest of the map.

Same as she always was.

I'd actually like to steal this enemy's Armorslayer, so I weaken her to the point where she'll run away and heal.

Strength and defense...again...

Okay who keeps stealing everyone's luck?!

...she's gonna do it. She's seriously going to cap STR and DEF unpromoted.

Limstella lifts a Steel Bow because why not? They're a STEAL at the shop.

More speed is nice because there are enemies that are too fast for her.

This one, for instance.

If this turns into nothing a but a long string of levels I apologize.

This is NOT a good start for you.

The usual.

Skill is actually something I'm thankful for on Echidna, so good work there.

Please cap skill and speed like a Myrmidon should.

She is seriously going to fucking cap those stats! And you know what, the boss drops a Knight Crest too!

That's better, keep it that way.

Good thing there isn't a Hero Crest for a good while.

And...I have to ask...there's three or four Cavaliers coming out of the northern forts for a few turns and two from the forts near the castle. That's a LOT of Cavaliers. Where do all those horses come from?!

Arrrgh you just couldn't get the stat I want right now could you.

Moving right along.


The Cavalier flood finally subsided.

Much to my dismay. I could use a few more levels on her.

Ah shit it finally happened. I don't think I've ever gotten a blank in my entire FE career until now.

I spoke too soon...another clusterfuck, yay!

This means another training montage!

I know where the other Knight Crest use is going!

Why, Ninian. Lute needs magic too.

Stole some basic equipment because why not. Got speed out of it at least.

There had better be an Angelic Robe soon...

There's the Armorslayer I wanted...

Hope there's a Master Seal soon, too...

No, really, she's capping those stats, no questions asked.

So we finally made it to the Ballista. Did I mention players can't use them anymore? Thanks, FEGirls. At least the animation is back from FE6.

...okay what the fuck. Dancers never attack. Ever. Even if they promote. What is this...well, it just so happens the MAG cap for Dancers is 10, so hooray.

Ugh I don't need Pure Waters what the hell.

Hey look a Killing Edge!



We lure the wyvern out so we can --


Oh yeah, and two more Archers show up as soon as you get near the castle. Assholes.

Luckily as long as you keep the mages out of their range you can take the hits safely. We steal this mage's Thunder...and the Energy Ring too.

Hit points. I'm actually clamoring for hit points.

I wonder if I should bench them for a while.

Echidna can actually double this guy because his weapon is way too heavy. Nice job, Grado.

Come on you guys!

And before I forget, here's another Red Gem sitting on the mountain tile where the wyvern was.

This Mend staff is easy pickings. You guys ought to see my FE9 save, I had like 30 of the things in the convoy.

Wow. Magic, finally.

The boss isn't much to speak of, just keep your triangle advantage up and you're good. He has a Steel Sword and a Javelin.

He drops a Knight Crest and a couple nice levels.

That's that. Now let's talk about Guinevere.

The super Trainees are unlocked from the start. If you feel like having a unit that can barely move any amount of distance each turn, that's there.

Guinevere is actually able to become a flying unit, however, so that option's out for me.

Ultimately I make her a Wyvern Rider, because guess what, if the character list is to be believed, Vaida's not in this game! So that's two characters mysteriously gone from the cast.

Coming up next: Slightly better map design! Four HUGE promotions! Ephraim225 flips his lid!

Archer!Anna's growths:
HP: 55%
Str: 40%
Skl: 60%
Spd: 60%
Luk: 55%
Def: 30%
Res: 40%

Shaman!Anna's growths:
HP: 60%
Str: 55%
Skl: 55%
Spd: 35%
Luk: 55%
Def: 30%
Res: 50%