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Part 9:  Chapter 8

This is unfortunately not the ideal follow-up to Chapter 7, but things get a lot more exciting here because we get to bust out the promotions finally!

Note to self: never take screenshots for your maps during the prep screen. Anyways, the problem I have with the map is that it's pretty much a single, winding path through the castle with a bunch of enemies that in most cases don't move until you get within range. There isn't really a sense of urgency either, which you kind of need in a map to keep things flowing smoothly. Ah well, I never liked the original chapter anyhow.

Lyn apparently got captured. And of course, Grado didn't take away their weapons, but I don't imagine programming that is conventional, so whatever. Thing is, they're placed in a room too far from the boss - the chapter is already over by the time you get there. What's that you say? There's a door leading to them on the map? Well, that map was made during the prep screen, so you don't see the pillar that replaces the locked door as soon as the map starts!

And then THESE pillars show up and stop us from speeding to the boss! I like this hack, but this is not my ideal level design, you know?!

Guess who decided to make an early-game cameo. Pablo's got an Eclipse spell, and he usually targets Florina with it. He can kill her at this point if all 5 hits land AND I don't use a Vulnerary. He can't hit them otherwise, so no need to panic.

Okay here's an annoying thing: Pillar bonuses.

Oh, that reminds me, Sages get all four magic weapon types now. Strange decision, but I welcome the thought of more potentially GOOD dark mages.

Why do I keep stealing so many bows aaagh

Oh, maybe because Paladins can use them now and I might just make Priscilla into one.

Florina was able to get this because a unit gets no less than 5 EXP from every battle (it's 1 EXP in other non-Thracia games.)

I initially thought you needed a Master Seal to promote Ninian, but I found out too late that a Guiding Ring will do just fine. God damn those things are cursed.

Moving right along, we have Clarine using Javelins to bait out mages.


And double drat.

A door key. Eheh. Do you have any idea how many Lockpicks I've stolen?

Pablo runs away on the sixth turn even though he would pose a credible threat to us. Wonderful.

That Elysian Whip cannot come sooner.

Now that's more like it!

So I finally get an Angelic Robe...and a Silver Sword. Eirika and Karla should have an A in swords soon, if not already.

Oh no! A cracked wall! It's going to take one whole turn to break it!

Oh no. MORE CAVALIERS. They didn't run out in the previous chapter?!


Well this one's inconsequential at least.

Steal a Steel Lance!

Lure the mage and get a level!

Oh look a Longbow. EXP ripe for the taking.

Limstella, get MAG already!

Might as well put that speed to good use.


You might wonder what the heck the point of stealing such a junk weapon would be. Well, as it turns out, Luna is worth around 2000 gold at the store! Don't ask why, it just is. I'll be taking the TWO Luna tomes available here.

Look at this. This is the best they can manage against my team. I don't care if Luna actually has MT now, it's too heavy and too inaccurate to be worth a scrap. Which is why I steal this one too.


The free items - I mean, the CAVALRY has arrived!

Karla caps skill and gets defense again??

Magic! Finally!

These whiffs are getting less and less entertaining considering they don't affect me too much.

I have never begged for hit points until now.

This surprisingly agile Knight has attacked from the other side of a cracked wall.

So the chest past the pool of water is the only one they didn't move, they just...stuck something in it and replaced the Archer and Fighter.

Please, Wendy, make up for what Priscilla's failing to--

Oh...oh dear. You''re gonna do it. You're gonna get 20 STR and DEF. It's destiny now.

Some more mages and an Archer show up, so we pull back a bit.

Another Longbow, and this time the AI stupidly went for Limstella. She then steals it, because I don't have enough bows. Hell, this thing's probably locked to Snipers, so that's another reason not to bother.

Good, keep that up...except HIT POINTS!

Dang, missed the speed cap by 1 point. I don't even have a Speedwing yet.

Now if only there were a second Archer, then we'd have a well-guarded treasure.

Know what, speed is all she needs, really.

Because I want that Thunder tome!

Strength? Wow, she's going to promote with a bang.

Lyn gets freed, and I realise they can't do much anymore. Let's just leave them there.

Enemy cleanup.

Oh shit I'm not even mad she missed again, I'm just glad the enemy didn't Crit there.

...but then she misses on the following turn. DAMN. IT. LUTE. Priscilla weakens him further instead.

I'll just be taking that.

Meanwhile we have a completely pointless out-of-the-way cracked wall, which of course means something must be there.

But first...

I don't have a chest key so I have to carry Limstella to the chest.

Meanwhile, Echidna finds a Master Seal in the space with the cracked wall. Clever hiding spot.

IT'S TIME. Ninian only has one option for promotion and it's downright amazing.

Behold the ultimate support unit: The DOLLMASTER!

Able to dance, heal, and summon mini-Guineveres that ALSO dance and heal! Sure they only have 3 move, but later on they can randomly get Physic, Fortify, even WARP. Dollmasters RULE. As an added bonus, Ninian has her old sprite back!

Oh my god Wendy you fucking capped STR and DEF. Well...only one thing to do now!

If you're completely lame you can make her a Great Knight which does absolutely nothing noteworthy.

The entire weapon triangle. Inpenetrable defenses. The Big Shield skill. Wendy got HUGE.

What's this? An Elysian Whip? Just what I was looking for!

Why are you so bad, Priscilla...

The least we can do is get the rest of the EXP we need to hit level 20 by chipping away at the boss.

At one point he activates Big Shield, which now halves the damage of the incoming attack. I'm impartial about that change, really.

Good enough.

Wyvern Knight isn't a terrible choice, especially since the Pierce skill wasn't glitched in Japanese FE8.

However, I want a Falcoknight, because they've gained the ability to heal like in FE4. Thing is, it's just the basic heal staff. No Restores or anything fancy. Still, they're able to heal without actually equipping the staff - staves can't counter, remember?

Dolls are also effective bait, although if they get attacked and live, they miss their next turn anyways.

And now to use the Knight Crest's second use.

Her Paladin pallette is significantly cooler than Orson's was. Finally, a competent bow user!

Oh, and summoning gives EXP, and you're still allowed to attempt summoning even if the max of 5 dolls are already out...and you STILL get EXP for it!




The rest of the game is not but a FORMALITY!

Oh come now, free money isn't gonna stop me now!

And now to select our...route...there's only one option? I guess the other path is still under construction.

Oh...oh no. Please no. Lyn's route is the only option.

Coming up next: Imagining that face on that body is one of the most disturbing mental images of all time.