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Part 7:  Chapter 6

This map had a lot of changes to it. There's no fog anymore, no monsters, and it's no longer a rout battle.

Instead, it's a defense mission: Survive 12 turns and you win. If it seems like an easy win, keep in mind that's if you ignore the hidden treasures and the NPCs. And no, the promoted units do NOT move at all, which makes me question Grado's competence. Again.

So let's kick this off on a high note with good old-fashioned MURDER!

I swear if you mess this up again...

Okay that isn't too bad.

The village has an Antidote, which is useless because there is one, SINGLE enemy here with a poison weapon.

This draws the mage's attention, and this one is really annoying because of that Thunder tome AND she has a fair shot at doubling. Lute tanks it nicely, though.

What's especially lethal is if both the mage and the shaman decide to focus on the same target. We get lucky here, however.

The hidden items are the worst part because we need Clarine to get to them, which means it's her against several other fliers, by herself if you want to get the item in a timely fashion.

That lucky dodge allows me to rush to the defense of the NPCs. They aren't hard to defend if you hustle.

Clarine's handling the fliers just fine.

This is where the enemies start using Steel weapons, but luckily, we have Wendy.

Also...this enemy has a Horseslayer. We have one, SINGLE mounted unit. What the heck.

Echidna continues the slaughter.

Oh heck YES.

Sadly with only eight levels to go she can't miss STR or DEF more than once in order to cap them.

NPCs: saved.

Now you're getting somewhere, Priscilla!

This has to have come up in the other LPs, but there's a neat tactic you can use to avoid ending the turn with a bad weapon equipped, such as a sword in a swarm of enemy spearmen: Have someone else trade until the weapon you want equipped is at the top of the list. Helpful!

Oh great, more fliers. They really want to protect that single fort.

Well, it's Strength...

Oh, and to annoy me further, the enemy equipped the Halberd it was set to drop, but it attacked with it, which move it to the top of its inventory list, meaning it dropped an Iron Axe instead. Not that I want a Halberd, but come on, shouldn't the item you want to drop be the only one in the unit's inventory??

Dammit, more of them! I guess I'll have to pull Clarine out and take these out the old fashioned way.

Wow. What a waste of a Killing Edge.


We'll certainly put it to better use than he did.

Eirika's kinda squishy at the moment but that doesn't stop her from busting out critical hits on a whim.

At this point I realise she'll no longer auto-level in chapter 15. Kinda seems wasteful, but who would select Lyn anyways, given the choice?

Echidna gets into position and picks up a free...Pure Water? What? Why would I need that?

Stupid ten-sided dice.

Magic! Get more magic!

We're only halfway through the chapter and we're already invincible! Nothing could possible break our hold on the choke-


Well, good thing he doesn't move. Right? RIGHT?


Not helping!

Also not helping!

Oh come on!

Strength again? Huh.

The levels aren't exactly consistent in this map.

Okay, so Zephiel's moving towards us now (but the rest of the army isn't for some reason) so we'll need to rescue the NPCs and run.

We murder an innocent on the way out, however.

Speed! Fighters need that big time.

She also drops an Elixer. Glad I decided to pocket that on the way out.

Ninian's been very helpful this run.

Phew, just one more turn to go and he can't touch us...wait a sec where'd Clarine fly off to?

...A Goddess Icon. That's the hidden treasure they worked so hard to guard. Yeah.

We saved the NPCs, so we get an Orion Bolt. I'm sure we'll think of someone who can use it...

Coming up next: Do you prefer Archers or Shamans?...What the hell kind of choice is that?