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Part 3:  Chapter 3

Chapter 3 has become the first Fog of War map in the game, which I guess is just as well since we're getting a Thief here.

The "new" map just so happens to be a recreation of FE5's chapter 8x, with some roofs and a few doors. FEGirls loves throwbacks to old maps - there's maps from FE3, FE5, FE9 and FE10 in store, each with a new twist to keep things fresh, which I like. Anyways, this map has destructible torches, which fall down in one hit. They aren't entirely useful here.

Neimi is her usual self. She's still going to need to be fed in order to be useful, but oh man, when she promotes, WHEN SHE PROMOTES.

We begin with a brigand coming out of the darkness to feed Priscilla a level.

Priscilla is amazing in this hack, she didn't even NEED that crit.

Wendy beats down this Archer with a Javelin and a little luck.

Emphasis on "little".

That'll be out new Thief. She runs out of sight after saying something in the cutscene, but the door beneath her opened so I pretty much know where she is.

Axe Magnetism Counter: 1

Priscilla does NOT approve and one-rounds him and gets hit AGAIN from the counterattack. Egads, it's not just genetic, it's CONTAGEOUS.

I'm even able to get her to block the doorway thanks to Canto. Thing is, she's not ALWAYS able to one-round that guy due to minor random variations in stats, so I got lucky here. Not a big deal, though. Let's see who...uh. I know that face.

Yes, Sonia joins us now. Every female GBA series character is playable here, INCLUDING bosses...well, Sigune and Natalie aren't in this hack, not sure why. Anyways, Sonia is a Thief Mage, which is exactly what it sounds like: A faster, less powerful mage with lockpicks, better vision and the steal command. Sonia can even use Light magic for some reason. That C support is with Neimi - it only takes one turn to get them to support, so why not? There are sadly no support conversations, although each character has seven support options AND they can get as many A-rank supports as they want. So, we'll be getting those when we can.

Meanwhile, Guinevere starts her soldier career with a bad level.

Wendy's going to be sticking around the entrance for now.

Meanwhile, Eirika beats up another brigand. Luck is coming and going for her.

Axe Magnetism Counter: 3. The kill is then fed to Neimi, who looks rather nice with Rebecca's battle sprite.

This enemy drops a door key. Also, Guinevere and Tethys are going to be stuck there for awhile due to an enemy with a Hand Axe that can kill them in one hit from behind the wall if he gets the chance. Sometimes I wish attacks couldn't pass through walls like that.

Sonia gets recruited, and now it's time to show one of my favorite changes in FEGirls. First, we need this enemy to be at 1/4 of his max HP...

The Steal command got a HUGE revamp. As long as the Thief is faster than the target AND the target is down to 1/4 of his max HP, you can steal just about ANYTHING from him, barring monster weapons and EQUIPPED A/S rank weapons. Bosses also can't be stolen from, but still, I love this. Sure it's harder to steal now, but look how rewarding it can be! I mean this is just an Iron Sword, but can you imagine if say the enemy had a random Brave weapon? :getin:

Meanwhile, Eirika finds an Archer under the roof and pulls a fantastic level out of it.

There's enemies under the other roof too; this brigand had a Chest Key.

Killing the unarmed man results in a karma-induced bad level. Lovely.

I also disarm this guy because why not?

I...didn't know Neimi was that cruel.

AI Manipulation at its finest: This enemy attacked Priscilla with a Hand Axe and is now blocking the door so nobody can open it from that side.

A generic Mage Thief appears near the entrance and attacks a torch. Wendy can thankfully reduce him to 1 HP so I can get Sonia to steal his lockpick and Fire tome. Just a matter of luring him up there, now.

Clarine and Karla take down this enemy, and Karla gets a typical myrmidon level.

Just standing and taking the hit would be lazy. Wendy is a hard worker.

Serra is not. Anyways, the east chests contain an Iron Blade and a Torch, the west chests contain 5000 gold and a Slim Lance. Boring treasure that I didn't feel like screenshotting.

Eirika is the perfect tank for this due to her Imbue skill. We open the door and watch the enemy suicide on her.

Axe Magnetism Counter: 4. Well, the level up was good.

Eirika gets boring tank duty while Sonia steals everything that isn't nailed down. Clarine also heads down the path on the right and picks up the kill on the Thief once he's penniless.

Normally karma would kick in and make the level bad, but all Thieves are evil unless they're on my side so we're cool.

...I stand corrected.

Waiting on this tile nets us a hidden item: The Beacon Bow. Not sure what it does, but Neimi can't even use it yet, its rank is too high.

Axe Magnetism Counter: 5

I was about to complain about the lack of strength, but this is average for her, really.


Okay, just the boss and a couple stragglers left! Karla goes in first...

Axe Magnetism Counter: 7. This screenshot even has an unintentional easter egg. Check the filename

Eirika wears him down for Neimi, who gets the kill and a very nice level.

Just two more, and yes, we're going to steal THAT Thief's lockpick, too. I mean, HE certainly didn't want to use it.

Yoink. Two more levels and then we wrap this up:

Eirika seizes and Chapter 3 is done.

Coming up next: "It's a good thing they aren't trying to make sense of the plot, at least, I think they aren't..."

Neimi's growths:
HP: 65%
Str: 45%
Skl: 55%
Spd: 65%
Luk: 55%
Def: 25%
Res: 40%

Sonia's growths:
HP: 60%
Mag: 30% (And with zero base magic? Fuck that)
Skl: 50%
Spd: 65%
Luk: 40%
Def: 30%
Res: 45%