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Part 4:  Chapter 4

Something I didn't mention in the previous update is that certain chapters have changed battle music - for instance, chapter 3 has FE7's arena music (because that theme originates from FE5, as does the map) and FE8's arena music plays during battles with monsters (since the theme originates from FE2, the first game to have monsters). Very refreshing to hear different music every now and again, though it's not "new" music per se.

Chapter 4 resembles Chapter 14 from FE9, except for that snag on the left, I have no idea why that's there.

Anyways, our newest party member is Limstella, our second Mage Thief. She's similar to Sonia, except, she actually has base MAG. Limstella also has Dark magic instead of Light magic like Sonia did, so I guess that's a personal perk. Not that we'll use it in this chapter.

Visiting this village nets us an Iron Blade and a Torch.

Karla takes this zombie to 1 HP. The zombies may have gotten their weapons buffed but they're still pretty much cannon fodder.

The real threats are the Mogalls. They're the first enemies so far to inflict magic damage, and because of thier flying ability they can easily gang up on the same target. This one's alone, but four or five of them can very easily take someone out no matter what the odds of dodging them are.

Here's a change that I really like: Fire magic deals effective damage to Zombies and Bonewalkers (but not the Mogalls. You don't get off that easy.)

Priscilla finally got strength.

Serra finally got Magic.

These two take out a Mogall and get little from it. I almost wish FE8 had level-up quotes just so Guinevere could express utter frustration at her horrible growths.

Oh, and you see that zombie next to Karla? For some reason it moved there but didn't attack. Some AI bug I guess.

And then these guys show up. An archer and a swordmaster? Who could they be? I'll keep it a secret for now, heheh.

Wendy and Priscilla are going to need the Pure Water for the Mogalls later on.

This is the enemy that didn't attack earlier. That's a lot of damage it could have done. Oh well, more EXP for Guinevere.

The single-tile snag somehow creates a three-tile long bridge when we knock it down...yeah.

Zombies are still zombies, alright.

Er...claw magnetism?

Took her long enough! She just has to keep this up for six more levels...

Meanwhile, Limstella gains speed, making her officially more useful than Sonia in combat AND theft.

Now if only Karla could get a level like this.

That appears to be reserved for units born lucky, sadly.

Speaking of luck, Wendy's able to kill a Mogall in one hit here, but that isn't always possible due to minor enemy stat variations.

Having Clarine fly up to where they were is a big risk because it only takes them three hits to kill her, but it's worth it for that level.

No, you are not imagining it: Two misses, both at 93% chance to hit.

So glad I brought Ninian over here this time.

Priscilla and Wendy use up the Pure Water. This ends up making the Mogalls not attack them much at all, but it's better than all of them ganging up on Eirika like in the last attempt.

Speaking of whom! Finally, another point in strength!

Some reinforcements come from the east here: an archer and a couple Bonewalkers with lances. Dealing with these is a little trickier than I'd like because nobody I have can use axes; fortunately the next chapter fixes that.

Another reason to love Canto: Rush in, get in some hits, pull out, use the Dancer to get another turn, repeat.

Come on. Strength. Please. Just once.

Some reinforcements are also on this side of the map as well, and they've got lances, too. In hindsight I probably should've kept Clarine over here, but it works out in the end.

Look at that defense stat go! Okay, just some cleanup left so here's a bunch of levels...

Guinevere. Seriously. SERRA is doing better than you and she's a HEALER.

Can Limstella do better again?


Clarine certainly can, however.

Given the choice between you and Cecil from FE3...

STRENGTH! It's a miracle!

Visiting this village recruits Lute, who is her usual self, and a lot more helpful thanks to Fire being effective on certain monsters, but unfortunately only the boss is left.

Several minutes of transit later, this happens.

And now to get a few more levels for Guinevere out of the boss!

Or so I was hoping. Fortunately he doesn't move, so I can pelt him all I want.

Everyone's getting Strength today. I approve. That closes Chapter 4.

Coming up next: A Fighter, another Cleric, and a...wait, what?!

Limstella's growths:
HP: 60%
Mag: 35% (lovely)
Skl: 50%
Spd: 65%
Luk: 50%
Def: 25%
Res: 40%

Lute's growths:
HP: 55%
Mag: 65%
Skl: 40%
Spd: 50%
Luk: 50%
Def: 25%
Res: 50%