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Part 18:  Chapter 17

First thing to do is give Lyn and Eirika a full Energy Ring each. They don't have enough strength to damage enemies without them.

Welcome to the FE Girls endgame. We're gonna level our lords in this chapter, because I'm still doing that "No side battles" challenge for some suicidal reason. Ah, well. Chapter 17 can't possibly b--

............ fuckers. I can barely believe this...they brought back Chapter 22 from Thracia 776, aka the river of blood, aka THE SECOND WORST CHAPTER IN FE HISTORY. Okay, it's not going to be as bad as the original level, sure, but just seeing that horrendous chapter brought back to life sickens me.

Also there's a Black Gem hidden somewhere but who cares, it's just money.

The addition of two more worthless cannon fodder characters does not help. Vanessa joins us straight away, but she has to talk to Syrene for her to join. For some reason.

So just to make sure that Ballista doesn't shoot them out of the sky, we hand over our Fili Shield.

Syrene has her own Fili Shield, so I guess it's nice to be able to get another one.

"Syrene, you really should have just stayed with us instead of flying into Ballista range suring the cutscene, then recruiting you wouldn't be a waste of time."

This village has a Rescue staff. Don't see why they don't let me have a Warp staff instead, it's not like you can Warp-skip this chapter, unlike in Thracia 776 where a Warp staff is included just in case you can't win.

These soldiers are pretty tough and have some nice weapons.

Stealing them also removes the weapon triangle advantage against the lords. Though in retrospect I could've just given them a Javelin and Iron Bow.

One of them drops a Talisman. Woooo. Surprising how I don't just trade two Talismans for another Energy Ring or something.

This is a wonderful start.

Of course, it wouldn't be Thracia without wyvern swarms.

She gets lucky and lands this.

Well, both lord speed caps are 31 so I can't complain.

This Sniper has that lame 3~4 range bow. That means it's rather easy to lure him in.

Stupid Silence staves! How did that even hit?!

Of course I just cure it on the next move and waste the Sniper, AND she drops a Brave Bow.

Normally there would be a lot more enemies, but OOPS, enemy cap!

Good thing too, because these guys are mean. Most enemies start to double anyone who's below 28 speed, and that's most non-lord units without Knight Crowns.

Fiora had a close shave here.

See, I'm pretty sure this would do zero damage without that Energy Ring.


Limstella's final level gives her a whopping one point in defense.

Also, Eirika narrowly avoids a Ballista that I carelessly left her in range of.

The Hero decides to attack with a lousy Brave Axe...and then CORRODES MY SILVER SWORD.

So I steal hers in return.

Keeping it real!

That enemy also drops another Silver Blade.

I also realize things are about to get severely annoying because of that clump of Ballistae in the bottom-left...guess Wendy has to tank the shots one at a time! Good job copying crap level design, FE Girls.

Oh, but I ought to wait out the rest of the wyverns first. Yeah, this chapter took awhile.

Strength. Where are you.

Vannesa manages to grab this because why not.

THERE. That's what I'm looking for.

Now why is this guy attacking directly with a Short Spear?

And what is with these characters and their strength phobia?!

...This really is a remake of Thracia 776.

There. Finally.

Wendy even pulls a spectacular and miraculous dodge.

There, Lyn's turning out VERY nice here.

Eirika's even getting some good ones too!

This is certainly a turn of It's like the game is...preparing me.

Syrene got this from a healing turn. Don't tell me I should level her, too?

Several turns of baiting later, it's time we took out the trash. Another Brave Bow? You shouldn't have.

Why is Lyn suddenly so good?!

Now in order to steal from these guys you need to use fliers and drop your Theif over the cliff. The Bishops and Sages have more Physics for your collection.

Then feed them to Lyn and Eirika for the EXP.

Though try not to let Vanessa steal the good levels. But hey, Dragonshield!

Further adding to the awesomeness of the dolls is that they rarely spawn with a Hammerne. Is there anything they can't do?...well they can't fight.

Next up are some Knights. Yeah, plain old Knights with good weapons which are dropped.

The rangers have an annoyingly high speed, which is why we attack from out of their range.

Strength? What's that?

And...wait...a Longbow? Aren't those supposed to be Sniper-exclusive? Oh well, free Silver Bow.

Ahahaha a Horseslayer what the fuck

What...he had a Brave Lance also and didn't use it! My god...well if he won't use it, I will.


Finally we have a Light Brand and Silver Sword, very nice loot.

She must have capped strength.

Moving on, we see a Mage Knight has broken from the pack to heal someone with Physic.

And of course, true to the original chapter this bridge collapses when you get too close to the castle.

Boltings and Ballistae await us as well.

And then there's this Mage Kni---- YOU.

RHINEHART! Or Reinhardt, whatever the fuck, they brought this asshole back too. Yeah, I know it's only a passing reference and he has no actual skills, but they're clearly taunting me. He's even level 23! How did that happen?!

A bunch of random Mage Knights? You guys are NOTHING without Cyas backing you up.

No, not even Fortify will help.

You are fodder for my lords!

Aura. Hm.

Another healing level.

This is actually pretty risky. They could all focus on the same character.

Strength phobia.

Rhinehart decides to go after Echidna, who is equipped with a Brave Bow. Good job buddy.

Now do us all a favor and STAY DEAD THIS TIME.

...of course, HE gets the last laugh here. You can't steal from him either, he counts as a boss.

Meanwhile we get a Grafcalibur off a Mage Knight. Yeah, it's Grafcalibur. I thought it was Tornado at first.

Oooh, I like these numbers.

Meh. Defense.

Our lords are awesome again at last.

The strength phobia seems to have passed.

Oh, you just HAD to give Lyon Fortify.

A few close shaves later, we approach Lyon.

A paladin near him drops a Spear.

Lyon himself has, for reasons I cannot understand, Eclipse. You know how Eclipse has a stupidly high weight?

Yeah. Oh, and enemies also spawn behind the fort.

They aren't that threatening.

Next time try using a real weapon.

Our prize is another Fortify.

One more healing level later...

...the chapter is completed.

Nidhogg and Vidnofer get added to our collection. They're the usual, although Vidnofer is now 1~2 range, which is nice. Not the best of the holy weapons, really.

Eirika got an Angelic Robe after the chapter because I felt she could use some more HP.

Coming up next: A filler chapter? In FE Girls? Fancy that.

Vanessa's growths:
HP: 70%
Str: 40%
Skl: 50%
Spd: 55%
Lck: 55%
Def: 25%
Res: 45%

Syrene's growths:
HP: 75%
Str: 35%
Skl: 50%
Spd: 55%
Lck: 35%
Def: 30%
Res: 45%