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Part 12:  Chapter 11

The ghost ship: Once fairly annoying, now...well, fairly annoying. The game warns you at the end of Chapter 10 that there's no chance to access the world map between Chapters 11 and 12, but it isn't a huge deal.

Oh thank god the map isn't stupidly huge. Putting these together gets more and more annoying as the maps get bigger in size. Oh, and here's something of note: The stair tiles on your ship contain shops! That's pretty neat.

It begins with...a single Gargoyle. It should be noted the rain does absolutely nothing, it's purely visual. I hated rain in the GBA FE games, so this is a welcome change.

Soon the other ship starting getting closer. I love that effect, it's amazing.

C'mon girl, cap speed for me...

The Gargoyles are up to bat first, and Priscilla shows us why I use her.

Also, the dolls are starting to get Physics, which is awesome to me.

A short while later they connect the two ships...with a wierdly-shaped bridge, but it's cool-looking all the same.

Behold the amazing Mage Theif!

Look at this, this is with Luna. At least this enemy just needs a scratch to kick the bucket.

Hey check it out, fodder for Echidna's Bow level!

An unlucky level there.

Unlucky shot, too. Well, she still gets the WEXP for it.

Now THAT is what I like to see.

Now if only they wouldn't suicide like that, I like to pick who gets kills.

You did it Lute! Now do it again for a few more levels!

Unlike the original chapter, L'Arachel's boat boards yours from behind. Let's recruit her.

Hm. Don't see any real need for her since I have Lute, Ninian and Clarine, but she'll get a chance since she's needed to recruit her pals. Speaking of whom...

Wait...Ismaire?! That's a surprise. She has a Wind Blade and a Master Seal (if I'm remembering right.)

Oh, I forgot to mention healing for Falcoknights is based on RES instead of MAG (which they technically don't have.)

Mogalls: still drop in 2 hits, yet still annoying.

What am I going to do with this woman, really?

Fa also picks this up. Manaketes aren't really a favorite of mine in this series due to the lack of a promotion. All they can do in this game is revert to level 1 which is good enough I guess.

Strength is good enough for me.

I also checked out the ship shop and hey, Unlock!

A swing and a miss, this one.

L'Arachel does something useful by at least putting the Torch staff to good use.


The enemies never seem to stop and OH GOODY A DEATHGOYLE.

It even has a crazy amount of RES, if that's all Lute can do to it.

Then again, it's Lute.

He's kind enough to drop a Killer Lance, which I have several of already.

Here we see an enemy teleport in. Guess what that means?

It means Karla's ready for a promotion!

Swordmasters sadly don't get Astra, just a crit boost. This isn't what I went with.

You can make Myrmidons into Heroes now, which I like very much - except for their skill. Heroes get Corrosion, which destroys enemy weapons when it activates. Meaning you can't steal it. Lame, but it rarely ruins my plans for big thefts.

And now, some levels.

Heavy sigh.

Then the boss shows up. It's an ENEMY SUMMONER. Those haven't been a thing since FE2, and yes, this girl summons more monsters until she's killed! Very cool, and this isn't the last enemy summoner either. Though I kinda wish they were more interesting in the statistics department.

Unfortunately killing her ends the chapter. There were still some enemies left. Sigh...

Coming up next: A huge map with an annoying invisible item. Fun!

L'Arachel's growths:
HP: 50%
Mag: 40%
Skl: 50%
Spd: 55%
Luk: 75% (Uh-oh. UH-OH.)
Def: 20%
Res: 50%

Ismaire's growths:
HP: 80%
Str: 30% (Get)
Skl: 70%
Spd: 65%
Luk: 35% (The)
Def: 20% (Hell)
Res: 25% (Out)