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Part 13:  Chapter 12

I'm a little annoyed with this chapter, because it's long, honestly a little dull, and I missed a hidden item. Fortunately, it was nothing that will matter to much for this particular run, but still.

Geez. Look at how tall that is. Oh, and the shops on the boat are still there. Anyways, see the little cliff space in the left-center, near the boat? There's a Knight Crown hidden there. I hate invisible items.

Oh, what's a Knight Crown, you ask? Well, that would be one of FE Girl's big new things: What it does is it allows a promoted unit to switch to one of three other classes, depending on who's using it. It also resets the unit's level. If that sounds familiar, this is basically an FE13 Second Seal. Either FE Girls pre-empted one of FE13's new features or Intelligent Systems took inspiration from FE Girls. It's amazing.

However, I won't be using any Knight Crowns at all, for the same reason I haven't gone to the tower a single time yet: It's more challenging to win without them, at least in theory, and if I'm not forced to use them that's a sign the game's balanced correctly. Plus, the crowns are worth 20,000 gold. For all that's worth.

It's not long before the monsters come out to play, like in the original chapter.

Speaking of play, it's time to steal every Short Spear the enemy has!

Some Gargoyles show up, but Priscilla puts them away nicely.

...okay. Why was he carrying a Horseslayer?

A rather stunning dodge from Lyn.

Fiora makes him pay big time.

My favorite monsters are the ones with actual weapons, as you might imagine.

Dammit Fa!'re cute so you are forgiven.


Meanwhile, the other side of the map has Karla taking down a Mauthe Doog. Their fang weapons actually have a brave effect. Anything to make the monsters more viable. got magic. It took over 10 levels but you FINALLY GOT MAGIC.

Does the game NOT want me to use Fa?

The advance (and theft) goes rather smoothly.

It's at this point I realize something very horrifying: Lyn will not promote until Chapter 17, Meanwhile, the enemies will continue to get stronger and stronger. Ooh boy...

She...DID need strength, so...

Lute's become a bit of a powerhouse.

Oh god dammit!

And now, another level reel!

Good level, meet bad level.

Man, look at her go!


This enemy group had to be lured in, but I guess it's worth it.

Surprise spider!

Lute. You almost died for that. Geez.

I should note that Dancers, Manaketes and Lords cannot Knight Crown, so Ninian is stuck as is, unable to actually use most of her stats.

This is turning out nicely for Fa, however.

After that, ANOTHER boat arrives at the upper-left dock, and there's a Summoner on board!

Excellent, now Limstella can promote.

Sage is also an option, but why would Limstella give up stealing stuff for a being lousy at combat?

So...awful...I can barely look...but she doesn't need lockpicks anymore, and Thief Sages get staves, at least. Recover and Restore don't depend on MAG at all, so she's good for using those.

The very, VERY interesting part is that Limstella kept her D in Dark. When you change class in FE Girls, you keep the ability to use weapons you might have left behind otherwise, up to whatever rank you had. That rank, however, can never increase unless the class uses that weapon type. So Limstella's stuck at a D in Dark. Somebody had to use all those Lunas, right? The cool part is this rule applies to units who use a Knight Crown. So say I used one on Echidna and made her a Falco Knight: she would then have all four physical weapon types! AND! If a unit's stat is above the new class's relavent cap, the stat DOESN'T go down. With enough time and money you could create a super-unit with 4 S-ranks and 31 in all non-HP stats. It'll take awhile though!

This house has the Shadow Killer, which I believe was dummied out in the original game. It's effective against monsters.

We charge further ahead, not caring about the Luna because we need to rush to get the house before the pirate does.

Oh my GOD.

This village allows us to recruit Sophia, who is the game's Pupil, in place of Ewan...aaaand that's it.

FUCK she's in range of the Ballista. Well, Echidna can rescue her at least.


Karla is getting better.

This house has...a lump of cash. No really, this sole homeowner is giving us all his assets because...I don't know.

The Summoner does his thing...and apparently the AI Summon code is glitched because two enemies are on the same space.

The surprise spiders have been locked down all this time. Maybe we can use them to give Sophia a chance. I mean, what could go wrong?

Eh. Nothing disastrous.

Wendy, however, keeps getting those SAME TWO STATS.

Behold! Limstella's AMAZING combat viability!

At least stealing from them disables them somewhat.

I was wondering when STR would come around for her. 14 levels still to come, 7 more points until she caps STR. Pretty good odds.

Lyn, on the other hand, managed DEF at least.

I could repost this image every time Ninian levels and nobody would notice.

Looking good there.

This enemy is set to drop a Guiding Ring upon death. It should be noted that if you steal something that's going to drop, the enemy will NOT drop the next item on his list, so steal equipped weapons first if you can.

Just a shot of the Mauthe Doog pulling a quadruple.

Thunder is...effective against them? Huh. Okay, then.

Next up are some Rangers. These guys have annoyingly high speed...and luck. Real luck, that is.

Guess who has more luck?

Oh, and see this? This doll got a WARP staff. Totally awesome even if you can't get far with only 5 MAG.

So where were we? Oh yeah, more RNG dissonance!

Sophia came in handy after all. Now we can steal this Lancereaver.


Lyn takes it instead. She and Priscilla have a way to go but we're getting there.

I get MAG is capped already but at least 3 other stats AREN'T.

Okay, in all honesty, this is only mildly annoying me.

The real annoyance: risking Sophia to recruit Marisa. You know her already, moving on...

Blah. It's like hitting everything but the bullseye on a dartboard.

Ah shoot, he moves. I forgot she's not a boss....wait a sec, if she's not a boss...


The final house carries an Aircalibur, which if you'll recall was also unused in the original game. It's back and the audio bug in its animation was fixed as well. It's still effective against fliers, and believe me, there is a VERY good place to use it.

Magic again? Her growth probably went up after that promotion...

Lyn takes the kill. not a fun note to end her leveling spree on.

That's better.

That mage by the Cyclops drops an Energy Ring. Sure are a lot of those, if you ask me.

Just the boss left. Nothing special outside of a Killer Axe and a Short Axe.

There, a good level for Lute!

We seize, and we win.

Coming up next: MORE BALLISTA! MORE!!!

Sophia's growths:
HP: 55%
Mag: 55%
Skl: 40%
Spd: 40%
Lck: 40%
Def: 20%
Res: 45%

Marisa's growths:
HP: 80%
Str: 30%
Skl: 70%
Spd: 65%
Lck: 55%
Def: 20% (Yikes.)
Res: 25%