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Part 14:  Chapter 13

Quick little note before we start the next chapter: You can purchase Mines in this hack. Mines were originally dummied out in FE8, but they functioned just fine if you hacked one. And get this: The Mine Glitch still works. Honestly. This had to have been included just in case you got an unwinnable situation. And believe me, I wanted to abuse these so hard, but no, that'd be actual cheating, unlike Knight Crowns, which aren't cheating, I just choose not to use them because hopefully you shouldn't need them.

Chapter 13, otherwise known as the "Spiral of Bolting" in the original game, has gotten quite the overhaul.

It starts with a cutscene depicting Selena defending Myrrh from Pablo. What's notable is there are scripted battles added in for flavor.

Take a good look at that weapon. Know what it is?

Speaking of FE5, that's what this map draws from. I forget the exact number, but I do remember that this map was originally on an alternate route that nobody took, because anyone who did...well, go see the FE5 LP for that.

Isadora's in place of Gerik, and Tethys is the usual aside from all the new Dancer stuff. I don't really need Tethys because doubling up on pure support units is a bad idea. Isadora, however, is pretty good. Not already promoted, at least.

Though on this run she was one point off from one-rounding the first Fighter.

Here's a hidden Knight Crown. Now you know what they look like. Yay.

The enemies try their best. Kinda makes me wish FE5 criticals, NO, what the hell am I thinking, why do I want an FE5 mechanic...

Brilliant start on Isadora.

There's a Ballista, too, and it packs a punch.

Canto lets us nail this enemy and pull out safely.

The stealing spree continues, followed by a murder spree!

Oh come now, no strength?

See, watch how Isadora and Wendy do it!

How many times have I used the Steel pun so far? They need to use more varied stuff.

Am I dreaming or did she cap strength already?

Ooooh yes, this Mage Knight has hot stuff...uh...items. I meant items.

Aircalibur and a Mend! The Red Gem is dropped upon death.

Get strength already!

Ah fuck I shouldn't have stolen the Aircalibur first.


Also of note is that the enemies can break the usual level cap, up to a maximum of 30. This normally doesn't matter...but enemies are also allowed to break the usual stat caps as well. Fun times.

My spear is longer than yours. Because you have a Short Spear. Eheh. Eh...dammit


Oh goody. Bandits want at that village.

A very bad problem with defending it is this Sniper: Snipers can increase the range of any bow by 1. Imagine having to deal with Silver Bows that have 2-3 range. It's actually rather scary. And if you aggro this guy, kiss Tethys goodbye.

And what's this? A surprise attack from behind?! Who saw THAT coming?

One of them drops a...something. It might be a Dragonspear...I'm not sure.


This village has a Talisman.

Oh, and if you're wondering if two Dollmasters can summon a total of ten dolls, nope, doesn't work, you're only allowed a total of five.

We're going to need them as Bolting fodder, too. A mounted mage with a long-range spell is yet another of Fire Emblem's character trends, and Selena certainly fits it well.

This enemy has a Silver Sword, and I would love to steal it, but I forgot: It's A-ranked and equipped, so no can do.

The defense cap for her is 31, so still one more point to go.

Here's another slight map flaw...there's nothing between me and the next enemy group, but first it would be best to make the enemy waste their ranged weapons. Turtle time.

Oh SHIT those two are in range too. Dammit!

Not helping!

Okay, I think this is out of range, and if isn't, those two should be able to take ONE hit.

So that's why the Talisman is there.

Phew!...wait. I didn't put her on a forest tile. I swear I'm good at this you guys.

Let's make sure she can't even be attacked at all this time.

Meanwhile: capped Defense. I didn't show this but she's been defending our rear flank ALONE the entire time.

A doll gets used to bait Selena.

Clarine swoops in to give Wendy a hand...and...sigh. She must have traded the hit for that level.

That enemy was flagged as a boss, so no stealing possible. We get another Knight Crown.

More enemies.


This is both Colossus and a crit, and the crit triples damage AFTER Colossus applies.

That's more like it! We even get a Silver Lance!

Oh how easy the AI is to manipulate.

So, did anyone notice Selena's not flagged as a boss?

She is, in fact, recruitable nooooooooooooooo WHAT THE HELL. Those stats are beyond abysmal! Lute beats her by miles. LUTE! Okay okay, calm down...know what she has though? Remember that weapon from the cutscene? She has Dime Bolt. That is, the tome from FE5 with a Brave effect. Oh YES. Give that to Lute and watch sparks fly...get it? Sparks? Thunder?...bah.


Spell animation's a bit off-center, probably because it's the Bolting animation.

Here's Priscilla putting that bow rank to good use. That was handy after all. And ooh, a Speedwing!

That's strength capped as well, I believe.

Priscilla seems to take inspiration.

What is WRONG with Karla?!

You! You are setting a bad example!


I suppose I could use a new Short Axe.

The usual.

Apparently the game thinks sending out Wyverns ONE AT A TIME will stop us.

This is karma for being lazy with the updates isn't it. Wait...I recorded this weeks ago.

Keep trucking I guess.

Ooh, a Physic!


And now to humilate the Ballistae the only way I know how.

Wow. Look at how consistent the game has been. It's always Lute, Karla or Clarine that this happens to. It's amazing.

So, you weren't thinking of using that item were you? Thought not.

Fiora can already murder anything, really. And hey is that another Energy Ring? Man.

This village has a Barrier staff. Totally usable by pirates if they sack the village and get it first.

Oh come ON. Really?

You're doing better at least.

Woah, check that out. Reaver weapons!...I guess they're useful.

Shit! The convoy's full. That's what you get for playing like a kleptomaniac.

Strength cap for Warriors is probably 31.

That just leaves Pablo, who is an actual boss this time.

He has a light spell. Guess what we just picked up. That's right, a stupidly broken Anima spell! BRILLIANT! And Sages can use Dark in this game so it's even more embarrassing.

We get Aura, because we're totally going to need it.

I sure did get unlucky in that chapter...well, it is Chapter 13.

Coming up next: The most boring chapter.

Isadora's growths:
HP: 85%
Str: 50%
Skl: 45%
Spd: 50%
Luk: 50%
Def: 35%
Res: 25%

Tethys's growths:
HP: 75%
Mag: 45%
Skl: 15%
Spd: 55%
Luk: 60%
Def: 15%
Res: 70%

Selena's growths:
HP: 65%
Mag: 55%
Skl: 45%
Spd: 50%
Luk: 55%
Def: 20%
Res: 50%