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Part 15:  Chapter 14

Ooh boy...the siege of Grado...holy shit this chapter is BORING.

Map too huge? All of it hidden behind roof tiles? Party split into two groups? All the worst level design ideas in one chapter. Good lord they need better map designers.

Just in case you have no door keys Ninian conveniently has one for us. You can buy them in the Preparation Screen's shop, too.

Here's the first enemy group. That archer is Rennac's replacement. You might still be able to pay gold to recruit her, but I prefer the free option, so L'arachel's coming for her.

As if money were ever an issue.

Luck, however...

Isadora's gonna promote this chapter, I can feel it.

YIKES, Fiora.

Well, she's worth taking as a backup healer, but...I dunno, I probably won't be keeping her.


More Cavaliers. MORE.

We take down a guy with a Lancereaver by hitting him with an Axereaver. I could have just used Echidna, but that's the boring way.

L'arachel makes herself useful by unlocking the door to some chests and a few enemies.

Dammit Karla I wanted that!




This is where promoted enemies start coming out.

The first chest gives a Guiding Ring.

Random cavalier drops a door key. We have a Theif Sage, thanks.

I'd give her an Energy Ring, but believe me, someone else needs it more.

Your Killer Axe is mine!

We also get a Hammerne. This is not as useful as it was before, because...know what, I'll keep my secret, heheh.

Oh, and Grado's still not out of Cavaliers.

Karla takes out a Sniper. Limstella's with the other group so stealing was impossible. Unless you want me to use Sonia again ahahaha

Ah shoot did I forget to check the Ballista range? Silly me.

It's like Caeda stopped coloring her hair. Weird.


Oh, sure, that was a smart move, AI.

Not getting any better.

I'll just be taking your Zanmato/Longsword.

Her magic is capped so this is good enough.

Chest keys, door keys, lousy drops, these are.

There are other stats besides this, Fiora.


Moving on we see Fiora is mopping up enemies like mad.

I'm pretty sure that's a....Halberd......

And now we wait what a critical FUCK NO REWIND REWIND

Not improving.

Dammit, she activated Corrosion! I was gonna steal that!

We've made it to the next door and the stage continues.

A Swordreaver if I didn't mistake the weapon icon. Nice!

Here we have a Bishop silencing a doll. Good job.

And another one with bad aim.

However, she leaves herself open to ranged attack and drops the staff for us...what am I going to use it for?

You! Join me!

Rebecca the archer. She's got the Member Card and that's really it. Not bad stats, though, could be a nice alternative to Neimi.

Of note: I recently found out Generals can't S-rank Lances. They S-rank Axes. Yeah. Not sure why.

The usual on these two.

Meanwhile a Theif has stolen an Angelic Robe.

Know what would have been funny? If they silenced her before she could recruit Rebecca. Then I'd be way more upset.

I think we have enough keys.

Sigh, that means if I want both items I have to steal them.

Even the pros trip every now and then.

Anyways, here's a completely useless item I've stolen! The Body Ring raises CON, but the only thing CON is good for is rescuing, so whoops.

Her next few levels are going to be a sad sight.

Not hers!

Well, I expect this from her.

That's more like it!


I'll take that!

And that too!

Why am I even leveling you?

A Nosferatu I'll never use gets added to the collection.

Spin to win! Echidna should be a League of Legends champion.

Ugh. Only archers get to use this.

Wow. An enemy Theif actually attempts murder here.


The Secret Shop's pretty obvious, and it's still available on the world map after this battle, too. Normally you'd have to use it either now or during post-game.

The stat boosters are now INSANELY expensive. Holy shit.

Promotion items are notably less insane. I exchange a couple Master Seals for regular promotion items.

Here's the last bit of enemies in the chapter. Notice Vigarde's fancy new look.

Also notice my nemesis: Berserk staves.

Wait. You're not supposed to have 100%! It maxes out at 99%!...Oh, of COURSE, Staff accuracy is a completely different formula, my bad.

The text box is obscuring the chest with the Knight Crown slightly.

We press onward and find one of these on a Shaman.

Cap magic. Please do it.

She's ready.

You're probably thinking Great Knight would have been a better choice. And you're absolutely right! I was thinking "I want a better Paladin" at the time but having played further ahead...I have come to regret that choice.

Druids, meet Dimebolt.



Okay...okay...calm down...the boss...the boss is Vigarde with Zephiel's class and a Wind Sword. That's really it.

The animation is Aircalibur for some reason. Looks really weird.

Where is Erk when you need him. He would never do this.

That's better.

He drops a Knight Crown.

The last enemy is the Theif, but I was stupid and hurt her to the point where I can't really hurt her anymore without killing her.

So we missed out on a Spear and an Angelic Robe. Oh well.

Chapter over.

Garm and Glephnir get added to our collection afterwards. The S-rank weapons have been made very powerful and very heavy, but still very nice overall. It's not cool that they can't double, but they're also unbreakable now. Very nice! And even if you don't want them, they're worth 20,000 gold each, but I try to find users for most of them.

Ursula joins us in place of Knoll as well, which is kind of weird. Ursula's a Valkyrie. They use Light in this game. I just got the S-rank Dark tome. Oh well, I finally have an OK light user now!

Coming up next: Sand...more much sand you won't even believe it...

Rebecca's growths:
HP: 55%
Str: 40%
Skl: 55%
Spd: 65%
Luk: 55%
Def: 25%
Res: 45%

Ursula's growths:
HP: 60%
Mag: 65%
Skl: 45%
Spd: 45%
Luk: 50%
Def: 25%
Res: 55%