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Part 11:  Chapter 10

Know what's funny about boat ballistae? They have the same animation as land ballistae. Okay maybe that isn't funny.

It's an FE9 map! Zihark's map if you're wondering. did they get a boat in between those two bridges? How is that even possible?! Did they put the boat there and build two bridges because...I...nevermind.

First things first: Get the Hero Crest from Marisa.


You could be completely lame and make her a Hero, just like FE6.

Or you can make her a Warrior, as it's one of few chances you have to get one. I've heard you can also make her a Berserker, and I would do that if it were an option, but apparently not in this version. Anyhow, Warriors have the Colossus skill, which adds your CON to your STR for that attack when activated.

Clarine's tough enough to take out the landlocked Battleship. We even get a Secret Book for it.

Echidna goes against the odds.

Now, you're probably wondering how annoying it is to save Duessel's stand-in and her cavalry. Well, the Knight is mostly okay as she has an Axereaver.

The Cavaliers, however, are not, and on this run this poor sap got unlucky. In fact, one of them is almost guaranteed to be lost within the first two turns. So how do you get the Knight Crest? Well, the hacker saw this problem coming and just stuck a Knight Crest in the Knight's inventory for our use once she's recruited, so it's all good in the end.

It's MOSTLY all good.

This enemy needs to be taken out ASAP, or else he'll attack the Knight, and an Iron Blade against an Axereaver will wreck her instantly.

The Knight isn't the only recruitable unit, however. Fiora or Florina can talk to and recruit...

Farina! No need to pay a ridiculous amount of gold either! I don't really need more fliers, but she has a Killer Lance and an Elysian Whip, so that's nice.

Meanwhile, the pirates threaten this village, but we'll make it in time.

I'd say all those Steel Bows were worth getting after all.

15 levels to go and about 8 points needed in STR and DEF to cap. Odds are she'll do it.

The village has a Torch, which I guess is nice, the ghost ship chapter is up next.

Now for the slightly more realistic boat.

Ah shit. Asshole myrmidon reinforcements.


Now that's my Lyn.

After an unnecessary Big Shield activation, we get a Lancereaver.


Still more myrmidons. We're getting what we can out of them.

Things are going smoothly elsewhere. This enemy has a Javelin and a Killing Edge. Pretty easy to make him drop the latter.

Man, I wish there was some kind of attack staff. Heck, there was this one ROM hack with Fire Rods, that was cool. (Shame the rest of the hack wasn't)

Dammit Karla, you only have 2 chances to cap Speed left!

Meanwhile Lute misses the MAG cap by just one. Oh well. Enemy had an Armorslayer on him.

So who is this Knight whose identity I have witheld until now?

It's...CECILIA?! As a KNIGHT?! Well, she can't be much worse than she was in FE6. At the very least, that's a ton of HP she's packing.

Guess whose turn it is.

Now THAT is a Great Knight if I ever saw one.

MOTHERFUCK ARE YOU SERIOUS. Just in case there weren't enough fucking Cavaliers, here come some more!

I know just the way to deal with this...

Sage isn't a horrible option, as they have all three magic types and staves available and a hefty MAG cap. Just in case you need a decent Dark user and the shamans aren't doing their jobs.

I go with Mage Knight in the end for better durability and movement. Mage Knights have Anima, Light and Staves to work with. Light will almost never see use, just saying.

The Cavaliers get drawn to Ninian like a magnet but are never able to hit her.

Well, she's trying.

(Lin) More?...Are you kidding me?

Boo! Bad Priscilla! Waste of a Knight Crest, you were!


Look, MAG is good but you need DEF!

Well, more of these can't hurt, right?

Really the enemy should have nothing but Mends as an FE9 homage.


There, she got it. Phew!

It is important that you do not cross this point until you are ready. Take a look at the house there. Remember this chapter back in FE9? Yeah.

The instant we get close to the boss...

Zephiel. Again. Only his AI is prone to go after the NPCs, so he's not nearly as big a threat as the Black Knight was.

Which means we have time to snag a Killer Bow and more Dark spells we'll sell later.


The boss has a Longbow. You can cripple him pretty easy by luring him into using it.

Silly Zephiel.

Gah, my screenshot timing sucks. His animation's the same as back in FE6.

We beat the boss and the chapter ends right there.

Coming up next: I really don't get why they like FE2 so much. Anyone know the reason?

Farina's growths:
HP: 75%
Str: 45%
Skl: 50%
Spd: 60% (Ooh I like this girl!)
Luk: 50%
Def: 30%
Res: 40%

Cecilia's growths:
HP: 80%
Str: 45%
Skl: 45%
Spd: 25%
Luk: 35%
Def: 65% (what)
Res: 40% (WHO ARE YOU)