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Part 20:  Chapter 20

Welp, it's time for the endgame. Once you enter this chapter you can't access the world map until you finish the game.

...oh god DAMMIT. Why would you use the semi-final map from FE3?! You need Warp staves just to grab the chests! That better be awesome treasure...

Speaking of treasure, we start by taking out the draco zombies guarding the first two chests.

Some Heroes come at us, but they aren't much of a threat.

Sigh...eyeballs with Fortify. Who thought that was a good idea?

Oh, and Louise is along for the ride because I actually need someone with an S in bows, and she's close enough, plus having 2~3 range is a huge advantage. For example, I'm not being countered by the draco zombie here. Yes. Snipers are no longer worthless.

The draco zombies are taken out fast enough...

...and I decide to take a few chances with Brenya.

Pays out nicely.

Of course, just the draco zombies would be way too easy of an obstacle. Here comes a new Hero!

Bleh. The chests have junk in them.

The center's getting crowded, so let's start cleaning house.

If that's the Paladin Strength cap I will not be happy.

Here we see the enemy still thinks Devil Axes and Eclipse are good ideas.

All she has to do is cap magic. Nothing else matters that much.

Corrosion is the WORST.


WHAT. Big Shield AND a Devil Reversal?!

That was the most amazing display of awesome I've ever seen, Wendy.

And I wha wha WHAT THE FUCK?! TWO HUNDRED?! What....HUH?! fade5, you fucker, you lied to me! You said this was only in the English version!

This requires a bit of explanation. Units can spawn one of two ways: appearing on any given tile, or appearing and then walking onto a tile. In the former case you can stop the unit from appearing by standing on the space where it would've appeared; in the latter case, if the space being moved to is occupied, the unit will instead move to the next nearest empty square - which in this case, is BEHIND my Falcoknight! So now she'll be swarmed by Assassins - not the best level design.

Sure am glad I brought Louise along, she's doing nicely!

Or so I thought.

We get an Eclipse. Dunno what good that'll do, really.

As we squeak by, one of the Deathgoyles had an Elixer.

I think she hit like 3 caps at once there.

You! Whoever you are, that was a stupid level!

It looks as if her time has come.

So let's Rescue her. Man, all the worst stuff in Fire Emblem is turning out to be very handy here!

There's another Draco Zombie here. Er, there WAS.

Curiously I check out the status screen to find that the enemy reached the limit of 50 units.

Therefore, only ONE Berserker attempts to backdoor me instead of three. Oh, did I mention that they started using backdoor reinforcements? I hate those.

STILL with the Devil Axes.

I stand corrected, NOW resistance is capped.

Somewhere in there was a Wyrmslayer.


All I really want for Louise, oddly enough, is skill, so this level satisfies me.

A Shamshir? Hm. Okay then.

Meanwhile, Fiora is taking out the enemies on the left side the easy way.

Or she would if they weren't so lucky with Corrosion!

This looks like it's my crazy luck at work again, since this guy doubled Lyn, got Bane on the first hit and missed the second. However, I believe if he Banes on the first hit the second is ALWAYS a miss. It just kinda feels that way since it's happened before.

More invisible enemies at work. The gimmick's lost its shock value by now, honestly.

Hence the short level montage that follows their appearance.

The heroes behind us are also taken out.

I would love it if she were able to hit 31 speed.

Luckily a glitch present in FE7 where leveling up while a stat is beyond the cap resets it to that cap is not present.

Up next is another Summoner who does her thing.

Meanwhile, Brenya may as well cap her level so she snags another one here.

Louise fails to impress.

I am so sick of that sound effect...

Now if only this weapon didn't have awful accuracy.

Meh. That must be the speed cap. C'mon game, can't I have a decent level for once?

That...isn't...quite what I meant.

Yeah. There you go.

I haven't demonstrated the Latona staff, so here it is. It has infinite uses but is only able to heal units down to 25% health - helpful if someone was hit with Bane, not so much anywhere else.

Okay, this Summoner is irritating the heck out of me. Time to fight back!

Cower in fear! You can buy Silence staves in the Grado Keep Secret Shop, and these endgame chapters definitely warrant a couple--

The fuck?! They cured it as soon as the enemy phase started?!...WAIT. They're standing on status-curing tiles. Fuck this. I can stand swarms of enemies with ridiculous power levels, but TAKING AWAY A VIABLE STRATEGIC OPTION is just plain wrong.

You are fodder for my arrows.

We even get a decent level and a Nosferatu out of it. This will in fact come in handy later.

Come ON Isadora. This enemy also dropped an Elixer.

Then more Draco Zombies come out of the stairs.

So let's block them this time.

A few ranged enemies are up ahead. They can be lured to their death without breaking the wall.

This one even has an actually decent axe for you if you do it that way.

Phew! We're finally near the end of the chapter. Let's see what --

Oh you have GOT to be shitting me. Suffice to say this took a dreadfully long number of turns to outlast, with me having to use the boring as hell chokepoint strategy.

The only exciting part was that some eyeballs spawned to the right of a unit that I'd just left there because I'm stupid and thought it was the end of the backdoor reinforcements.

Fortunately with the help of some stray dolls and a Rescue staff I was able to get her out of there. That was close. Next time I hopefully won't be this lazy.

Some enemy has a White Gem as well. That massive swarm of enemies says it's level montage time.

Defense! Good!


Hm. She turned out average in the end.

No, Louise, you want SKILL.

Thank goodness that's overwith.

There's a few stragglers after that...

Fucking hell that's the icing on the cake there.

While Brenya knocks down a Cyclops with flashing lights, let's discuss that weird tile in the center there. There's a hidden Naglfar there. Which means you can only get it by warping. Do I have warp? Nope! So I have to hope a doll has one! Suffice to say I never got it, but it's Naglfar, so who cares? Lyon drops his anyways.

There's a couple enemies with siege tomes. Again, no warp means no stealing, and this Sage has Dime Bolt. Dammit. You can still Silence them, though.

Also, the Summoner must've spawned this here. Somewhat amusing.

The final climb here has two Draco Zombies, some Gorgons, and some eyeballs. I was half expecting a bolt to fire down the stairs, but this isn't the Tower of Valni.

They only had Stone and Fortify, but hey, we get to see a Stone crit again.

I get lucky and Silence the eyeball...

...but those tiles cure it. Fuck.

There's a rather pointless Bonewalker with a Crossbow. Range is kind of important in tight quarters.

There are two bosses here: Morva and Zephiel. Attacking head on results in being in range of both, so we'll draw out Zephiel first. He's pretty much the same as in the previous chapter.

That is to say, he's incredibly cheap, and the Archmogall healing him constantly doesn't help.

This time, though, he drops his Exaccus (no way I spelt that right) for us to use and, strange as it is, Lyn gets yet another exclusive animation when using it. That animation is actually this animation from the prototype, which is rather clever of them to include.

Moving onto Morva, they did something interesting with him: He's a Manakete like his daughter, but he's been zombified, so his color is different. In the original game he was just another Draco Zombie.

A bucketload of HP doesn't really make him that much tougher, though.

Aaaaand clear!

Coming up next: FE5 called, they want their chapter gimmick back.