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Part 21:  Final Chapter

Well, here goes nothing.

The final map is a shout out to FE5's final chapter. There are 12 pillars here with a boss guarding each one. To get to Lyon, you have to kill them all and step on the switches in the center of the pillars to form a bridge. Originally there were 6 pillars and you needed to hit the buttons SIMULTANEOUSLY, and with reinforcements harassing you, it was actually worse back then than it is now. Eight of these bosses drop brand-new S-rank weapons like in FE7's final chapter. This map gets a lot easier when you start collecting weapons, too. This isn't the worst thing they could have done for the final chapter (those of you were hoping for a 24x remake can go play Super Thracia and then talk to me about pain) but it's a pretty epic map, in my opinion.

Louise was at 95 EXP, so she shoots a random arrow to pick this up.

We also see that the AI has taken a liking to stoning dolls. For all the good that does.

Here's a shot of Lyn with Exaccus at long range.

These bonewalkers have some of the highest stats I've ever seen on monsters. Being able to feed this kill is a rather lucky break.

Eirika gets to work on the swordmaster boss. He has a weapon called the Meteor Sword, but fortunately it has nothing to do with the Astra skill. It just has 50 crit. This makes taking him out without ranged weaponry a bit of a gamble, but I get insanely lucky on numerous occasions.

Meanwhile, Lyn takes on the Theif Sage. I should note that there's a very real chance the Theif Sage will steal an item. Her speed is the max of 31 and there's no way to steal it back if she does, since she's a boss. So try not to leave a unit with an important item, say, a FILI SHIELD, in range. She's carrying 4 items though, so she can only steal once. Maybe make her waste a turn by letting her have a vulnerary. Also, if you use a doll as bait she tends to equip Fenrir - that's her worst weapon, so it helps to do that.

One down, 11 to go.

It would suck if this convenient Corrosion activation destroyed the item before I could get it, but thankfully these new weapons are indestructible, can double (usually) and are generally very powerful.

Up next is a Sage with Ragnarok, a 1-range spell with a brave effect.

It appears to be the FE7 dragon's breath animation.

Brenya's dark magic is much appreciated here. Nosferatu is insanely useful there.

She has a slightly harder time against the Mage Knight.

The Sniper and her bonewalker companions are the most pathetic enemies in the entire map. The bonewalkers have crap weapons, and the Sniper's weapon is apparently the Parthia from FE1, however in this game it has the Eclipse effect - meaning it can never inflict a killing blow unless you're at one HP.

It also has Sword of Seals fire...?

In the enemy's hands, Eclipse weapons are almost universally useless. In the player's hands, Eclipse itself sucks due to poor accuracy and low durability. Plus, it's a dark spell. Parthia, however, solves all those problems: It has 2~3 range in a Sniper's hands, never breaks, and decent accuracy. Louise has crap strength but that doesn't really matter since Parthia will cut the target's HP in half every time - and a LOT of the bosses in this chapter have almost 100 HP. What's more, two shots from this usually puts an enemy at 25% HP so you can steal from them. Snipers are now amazing thanks to this one weapon.

Oh, and don't forget to knock out the eyeballs, because they have Fortify. Anyway next up is...a Dancer. Well she'll be annoying to kill but I --

...Why am I not surprised.

For fuck's sake, 41 luck?! Killing this Dancer is nothing but a dice roll. They must have ran out of ideas for challenging gameplay, because this is the laziest thing anybody could come up with.

The staff she had is the Aurora Staff. As you saw, it raises luck when equipped, can attack at range, and allows Dancers to attack. However, it can't double, because a Dancer doubling would lock up the game due to an animation problem.

The Hero here only has a Brave Sword, so she isn't that interesting, though since it's a Hero expect to be dice rolling some more. You can in fact kite them off the switch and press it without actually killing them, but that's likely more effort than it's worth.

The general has a spear called the Moonlight Lance. Moonlight. As in Luna. As in it pierces defense. It's a general, though, so she's almost never able to double anyone. Still, Big Shield makes taking her out take forever. Oh, and the Moonlight Lance is ranged, too. Reminds me of FE1's Gradivus.

Considering our newfound weaponry the Warrior doesn't put up much of a threat. Her axe is the Solar Axe, a name which implies it drains health. It doesn't, but it's stupidly powerful.

I then realize something horrifying: the map is so huge that several turns need to be spent moving from one side to the other. Anyways, the Bishop has Luce. Rather disappointing actually.

Well, watch that crit rate. Good NIGHT!

Next, a Druid with Ereshkigal (Nergal's weapon) of all things. Note that I just picked up a light spell. This is starting to feel like a Mega Man game.

Finally, an Assassin. No he doesn't drop that 200 crit weapon, that'd be too easy.

The same thing happened as in the last chapter, which leads me to believe they can't kill you in the same round if Bane activates...and this is good.

The bridge is formed and our semi-final boss awaits.

Naglfar boosts his stats a bit, to the point where he can kill several of our units in one hit without a Barrier. In fact, in Eirika's case a Barrier staff meant the difference between life and death, at least, it WOULD have...

...if Lyon had actually managed to hit anyone.

No, really, he missed EVERY SINGLE SHOT. What the hell? Is the Demon King bad at casting dark spells? Good god that's ironic!

I finish him off the fancy way and give Naglfar to someone who can actually hit with it.

Naturally, it's not overwith quite yet. They actually put a prep screen before the second map of the final chapter, and you can in fact save. I like this even though I've been savestating the entire time.

The very definitely final map has just the big guy, a Summoner, and a Necromancer. A generic Summoner and Necromancer.

A generic Summoner and Necromancer who are BOTH STRONGER THAN LYON.

Hell, they're stronger than the final boss! Final bosses in FE are generally pansies because it's one of them against several of your units, and in FE8's case they all had weapons effective against him. Here, it's a LITTLE harder, but the game still gave us the tools necessary to murder him....him. Hm. Should I be calling him the Demon Queen since this is FEGirls?

Naturally the Summoner has to call in a bunch of filler enemies to extend the length of the chapter one last time. The Necromancer stays put, and doesn't drop his Naglfar so I'm really not sure what that guy's doing there. He's not even in our path to the Demon King.

Anyways, the small fry? Just look at that. 71 damage in one hit. It's beautiful. If there's one thing the game did right, it's making you feel like a commander of an army of badasses by the end of the game. That's important for a strategy RPG, as it makes you feel like you've come a long way from feeding kills and --


YOU MADE THEM SUMMON BONEWALKERS WITH BALLISTAE. And he doubles Echidna. Wonderful. The ballista's actually in his inventory instead of on the map, so you won't see this one coming either.

Moving past the repetitive random enemies, Louise is going to pick up some last minute levels here.

Shame she won't hit level 20.

The Parthia is insanely useful here since it knocks off 60 HP with just the first shot, and a Sniper can hit him from outside his attack range.

EXP isn't given for the Demon King's kill, by the way. She got this from hitting him.

Now we need to knock off the rest of his health the old-fashioned way. The Demon King's weapons are now poisonous and bring just about everyone to near-death, meaning the poison is what will likely kill you. Except...the Latona staff fully heals anyone who's knocked that low in the first place. Unless the Demon King crits, or poisons you on his turn, the risk of death is minimal in the long run.

And that, my friends, is FEGirls beaten with no Knight Crowns, Mines, or side battles. The game shows the ending, the credits, and unit records, although due to the high number of support options there aren't any paired endings.

Finally, the turn count. Holy shit, some of these are just awful. I would love to see an LTC of this hack just to see how bad I am at FE to take a hundred turns in the final chapter. Or maybe this hack has horrid level design.

Finally. Done with this.

...oh right. The Tower and Ruins have character unlocks. God dammit.