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Front Mission

by Bob Smith

Part 36: There's a Predator reference here, but I'm not gonna make it.

With Sakata on the way to Longrevers Island, we were running out of time to stop whatever sick plan he had waiting for us.

We needed transport, and what better place to find it than the airstrip.

The JSSDF fighters loaned to us lay idle on the runway. MiG-42 Angels. If the enemy got them airborne, then we had no chance of getting off alive.

As the pilots said, beware the angels. Blink and you're dead. Mach 3 on burners, and the ability to carry a tactical nuke under each wing. And some idiot had given them to Zaftra and the JSSDF, the two forces most likely to open fire on sight.

However, there was a Si-100 transport 'copter ready to be commandeered. We just had to get to it, through the last waves of Zaftran troops in the locality.

One team, led by Sakata and JJ, headed out to seize the runway, preventing the fighters from taking off.

We had to secure the helipad and radar station.

For every one of us who fell, two PMO wanzers burnt. Even then, it looked like we'd never make it to the helipad.

Then a couple of miracles happened. Sakata stared down one of the missile quads and unloaded his vulcan and his plasma gun into its cockpit, destroying it instantly.

The Junker ripped another officer in half with its power claw.

Yeehin annihilated the enemy supply truck with one salvo.

Still they fell. They just didn't stop coming.

But the last one fell, his wreck smashing into a fighter as the pilot frantically ran towards it. The scramble siren was sounding, and we didn't have much time left.

Another two lances of elite troops had arrived, and I could see tanks rolling up as well as Patriot missile trucks. We were screwed.

Blakewood suddenly hailed us. He had it under control.

An OCU battleship was parked offshore. The enemy fell back in disarray as fifteen inch shells rained down on their lines. The planes couldn't take off in a shell shower, and so we had enough time to start up the chopper.

Brown wasn't coming with us. He was staying to help Blakewood with his cleanup operation.

We took off just as the Zaftran commander got his act together. The battleship was taking fire from a pair of destroyers in dock, and the fighters were taxiing to the second runway. It was now or never.

It was like full-scale war was breaking out all over again.

I just hoped Blakewood would survive.

And that Zaftra would pay for their complicity in this whole sordid affair.

Well, that was the last screenshot update.

There's just one mission left, and oddly enough it's easier than that one.

You see, this mission has you hugely outnumbered and outgunnned, like the bridge one. In fact, the bad terrain makes it exactly like the bridge one! However, I got extremely lucky (Gregorio's Double skill triggered three times in a row leading to him annihilating a full-health enemy unit) and so it was just possible.

Tune in tomorrow for the epic final battle, in live video form!