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Front Mission

by Bob Smith

Part 7: It all blows up in my face (again.)

So, where was I. Oh yes. Grey Rock. That clusterfuck.

Last I left you, we'd arrived to see the OCU backed into a corner with one suit alive and a whole lance of USN about to paste it onto the walls.

There's nothing really to say here. If we had retreated, the USN could have followed us home and wrecked our base.

For God's sake. She never shut up. And all this radio chatter would alert the USN to us all the sooner.

Practical. But short-sighted. I wasn't fighting for money this time.

You don't understand where eggs come from, sweetheart.

This was just what I needed. We were in no state to fight him, even I knew that. But if he was there, and so was Karen, what was going on?

And what were they taking? Where? This was not giving me answers.

Natalie's babbling had alerted him to us. And that was not a good thing.

The last OCU officer fought bravely but against three enemy units he didn't last long.

So they needed something from the hospital? Yet more questions.

Driscoll was making his slow but unstoppable way towards my advance units when I picked this up. He didn't even use an encoded waveband. Natalie and JJ incapacitated.

The only damage he took was a few scratches from walking through a fucking central reservation undeterred.

We were too late again. Karen taken from me once more. The USN were going to pay this time.

I didn't need that sort of statement.

But I still spoke to her after the mission. I needed to know some things.

Her words brought back memories of the last few hours before the mission.

I loved her.

Idiot girl interrupted my memories. I could have killed her.

And back at base our new friend let her secrets slip.

We, on the other hand, had to report to Command.

Consigned to quarters indefinitely. Not a bad result for our level of mayhem. Perhaps it was the elite USN lance we annihilated that worked in our favour.

Still, house arrests are easy to avoid and in the bar the OCU officer we helped met us. Lucky bastard had ejected. He had real balls and a steady aim. A useful man.

So he joined the team.

Game theory and hint time!

So that's one hell of an update. And one hell of a mission, actually. If you get too close to Driscoll he will fuck your shit right up, and you still can't really damage him. So you've got to lure the enemies near him to you and then fight them with missiles.

To elaborate on my ECM comment in the previous update, the Flash Grenade essentially makes all your shots hit for a couple of turns. It's really useful for inaccurate weapons like grenade launchers and rifles. Wheels are a really durable leg part which eventually gain the ability to walk on water with no penalty. The only problem is the cannot handle inclines or cliffs. So you're stuck with the age-old Dalek problem of having to stick to one height level. And there's a couple of levels that are completely impossible if you have every unit with wheels.