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Part 11: Assorted Odds and Ends

This is just a special little section where I'll put things that don't fit anywhere else. We'll start with videos.

To start: a little something I made. I call it: Full Throttle: a retrospective of tastes.

Next: The song "Increased Chances", which plays in Todd's trailer. It's very odd but also very funny. Get it here.

For some reason, people in the thread liked the pictures where characters were all wide-eyed, so have the ones you didn't get to see.

In addition: Here are the derby plans again with no subtitles to obstruct. There's a lot of fun little things written all over them.

Another thing Goons liked was the picture of Ben holding the spiked skull-mace. So much, in fact, that a forum-goer Krolm made a sweet wallpaper of it.

800 x 600
1024 x 768
1280 x 1024
1600 x 1200

And now, we finally come to the credits. More specifically, to the end of them. Things get crazier as you go along, culminating in all of this:

splitting lanes at rush
beemer tries for a cut off
taste my righteous chain
-Peter McConnell

booming thunder rolls
clutch release throttle open
red smear on pavement
-Tom Payne

wet grease on the road
makes me laugh as my buddy
slides under a truck
-Troy Molander

on the road for days
two wheels, an engine, and me
I don't brush my teeth
-Brian Bonet

sky covers the land
dark goggles cover my eyes
speed covers my tracks
-Hal Barwood

road rises upward
forehead smiles for the pavement
cranium tastes bad
-Jonathan Ackley

Emmet drops a load
green crap coats the road like snow
just take a little
-Ryan Kaufman

Todd doesn't like you
bang on door but say nothing
can not you talk, henh?
-Khris Brown

whiffin' the asphalt
hot leather, shiny metal
see, I am manly
my male fantasy
now a profit-making game
maybe I'll get chicks
-Michele Harrell

And that's all I have to show you except the Easter Egg that comes up after the credits. I'll leave you with that.

watch it