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Part 10: (Better than) Hell on Wheels (would have been).

First up: Here's the video of the entire endgame. The update also covers everything, so watch the video or read the update, or both. It's your call.

Ben: So, after we pick up your bike, we'll go get my gang out of jail.

Mo: And then find out why my gang never showed up to help us!

B: And then you go business suit shopping.

M: Don't remind me.

B: Don't complain. You're going to be rich.

M: At this point, I'd settle for just a little peace and quiet.

A big yellow truck drives up from behind suddenly and starts shooting at Ben and Mo. Wanna guess who it is?

Ripburger speeds up and rams the bike. The bike itself gets stuck on the side of the truck while Ben and Mo are left clinging to the front of it.

Mo can't reach Ben's hand and slips under the truck.

Ripburger: She interrupted my speech, Ben! She really shouldn't have. I was just about to talk about the inherent dangers of motorcycle operation!

That would be a C330 'Big Mouth' Industrial Cargo Jumbo Transport.

Suzi: Can't you make this damn thing go any faster!?!

Now we actually get to play. Not much you can do from the front, but if this truck is like Emmet's, we could go through the engine compartment and get behind!

Sadly, engines are full of spinny choppy things. What about the upper flap?

BUT FIRST: an Easter Egg. Remember those bunnies and that bunny box I had left over?

single bunny

box of bunnies

Ripburger closes the upper flap with his cane if we try to obscure his vision. Again: Not that he really needs to be able to see on this flat road when he has some sort of death wish. Fuck him, let's take his cane. We've looted pretty much everything else to this point.

Ben: You'll need more than a cane when I'm through with you, Ripburger.

The cane is perfect for stopping the blade in the engine. Now we can get to the back of the truck.

One of the fuel hoses is loose, but not loose enough for Ben's bare hands.

Our trusty tire iron saves the day again.

Rip is about to shoot Ben!

Everyone gets taken into the transport. Ben and Mo fall off the back of the truck on the way in.

The cockpit does not like bullets.

Ben: I thought you said this thing couldn't move!

Suzi: I said it couldn't fly, I never said it couldn't taxi!

Mo: Well, flying would be nice since we're headed for the gorge!

B: Ripburger, You're going to kill all of us!

Ripburger: Shhh! Ben, don't ruin the ending!

B: How do you stop this thing?

S: From the cockpit!

Before we go.. you there, under the tarp! Didn't I beat you a bunch of times on the mine road?

Mo: Careful, Ben!

Rip keeps trying to shoot Ben as he goes for the ladder, but you can't actually get hit, only delayed. You shouldn't need to worry if you go right for the ladder.

I could have used those.

What we can use is the computer.

There are a lot of options, but only the right one does anything, so I'll spare you any extras.

"Raise Gear"

Here goes nothing...

Ben returns Mo's favour.

The vultures are still in the plane. Mo comes to the edge to find Ben.

Mo: Ben! Ben! Are you alive?!?

Ben: I am, but I don't know about Ripburger.

M: I can see him.

Mo: Climb back here, quick!

So we do.

Rip still has his gun, and he isn't letting Ben in the plane.

Ripburger: I'm taking you and your friends with me, Ben!

Ben: All you're taking is the wrong kinda medication!

Back to the cab of the truck to use ITS computer.

This time, there is one amusing 'wrong choice', which would be to turn on the engine. I'll cover that later.

Instead we go into Defense Systems-> Machine Guns-> Gun Control-> System Off.

The gun Rip is hanging from retracts.

Ben: Well, that answers that.

I don't know he's talking about, but let's swing into the plane.

The Vultures are getting away from this shitstorm

Mo: Wait! Come back! We need your weight in the plane!

Back in the plane, you COULD try leaving on foot.

Welcome to Let's Mess up Full Throttle! There are three ways to die in this last bit, the only place where you can screw up in the entire game.

1. Take too long at any point.
2. Turn the truck's engine on.
3. Try to leave on foot.

In any case, you just hear Ben say "Let me try that again" and it takes you back to the beginning of whatever section you were on. This is a LucasArts game, after all. If you want to see all the variations in action, watch this video, but they're all basically the same.

Let's do this the RIGHT way.

Father Torque: ...was a game... to him... and he played it... by his own rules. He was... a mystery... to most of us... and yet... an inspiration... to us all.

He gave us FREEDOM... He gave us POWER... He gave us WINGS... He gave us WHEELS. Thank you, Malcolm Corley... for giving us a DREAM...

Mo: So...

Ben: So.

M: Uh, maybe we could do lunch sometime next week...?

B: Yeah, sure. Lunch sounds great.

M: Things aren't going to change, are they, Ben? I mean, just because I'm in charge of the company now and living in a mansion and riding around in limos... That doesn't mean we won't spend a lot of time together, does it?

B: Look, Mo... You're in a different league now. You shouldn't be hanging out with the likes of me anymore...

M: But, Ben--
Her Cellphone rings. She answers it.
Hello? What?! No! No! No! That's crazy! Is he nuts? Move the meeting up to five and tell the plant foreman that I'm coming over personally to inspect those parts. I know... I know! That's what I told him--[/i]

Mo: Excuse me? What was that last part? No, no, no. That alloy was flawed to begin with. Uh-huh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Good, great.


Next: Check the last update for bonus material, including an Easter egg that shows up after the credits.