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Original Thread: Let's Play Full Throttle!



One of Lucasarts' classic adventure games, released in 1995, Full Throttle is the brainchild of Tim Schafer, better known for Grim Fandango and, more recently, Psychonauts. While short and simple, Full Throttle is beloved by many thanks to its sharp writing, great soundtrack(featuring the Gone Jackals, advertised on the case as an "authentic hard-hammerin' biker band.") and superb voice-acting. The thing that really set Full Throttle apart, though, was its protagonist. Ben is not a loser, like Guybrush, nor is he an "everyman hero." Ben is a biker, and he uses his fists to solve problems as often as he does his head. I think this is why the story and gameplay of Full Throttle still stand out today, even amongst the other Lucasarts games.

Now, cleaned up and with new bonus content for the LP archive, Let's Play Full Throttle!

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