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Part 3: Let's Play Full Throttle - Chapter 3: Birth of a fetch quest!

When Ben comes to, it's night. Suddenly there is a flash and the sounds of a camera.

Reporter: Now I have to get you some help I suppose?

Ben: *groan*

R: Ah, quit moanin'! I know someone around here who can fix anything.

Woman: And apparently, a pretty good doctor as well. My name's Maureen.

Ben: My name's Ben. Why did you hit me over the head, Maureen?

Maureen: You were in an accident. A reporter found ya and brought you and your bike here-

B: My bike! What have you done with my bike?!?

Ben: Who are you?

Maureen: Maureen, remember? If that's too hard, maybe you should stick with "Mo."

B: Do you have a LAST name?

M: I prefer not to use it. What about you?

B: Same deal.

M: Then it's Ben and Mo forever, I guess.

B: This an authorized Corley service center?

M: You could call this a Corley service center... but I don't have the official paperwork.

B: Ah, an illegitimate Corley operation!

M: I prefer to think of it as a RENEGADE Corley operation.

B: Where'd you learn bikes?

M: I grew up working on 'em with my dad. One summer we did nothing but restore this old hardtail together. I mean, we scrubbed every bolt until it shined... but he took off one day and never came back. So I switched to toasters.

B: You live in this town?

M: Well Melonweed's not much of a town. What's left of it is sinking about a foot a year. People either learn to adjust, or they leave, which is fine with me.

B: Not a people-person?

M: I'm just better with toasters, that's all.

M: The front forks were wasted, so you'll have to get some new ones.
And someone stole my welding torch, can you believe that? I can't finish without one.
And last, but not least, I patched up your ruptured gas tank, but you're out of fuel and I don't have any.

B: Where am I supposed to find all this stuff?

M: You can hack it, tough guy.


M: Well, they don't have to be NEW new, just not broken into little pieces. You could start by asking Todd, in the trailer across the way. He runs the junkyard.


I don't know. Set up a dragnet! I stil can't believe someone would steal my torch. Who around here would do a thing like that?


Well, there's a whole TOWER full of it at the edge of town. I have this crazy, irrational intuition that tells me maybe it's worth checking out.

B: Actually I think I can handle it.

M: Good.

M: Trouble with the law?

B: Not in this county.

M: Then what's the hurry?

I'm feeling nice, so you get to read all three choices!

1: M: The Polecats?

B: How'd you know that?

M: Big emblem on the back of your jacket.

B: They're headed for an ambush, so I gotta catch them.

2: M: Ambush? Who's ambushing who?

B: Not sure, but my gang's involved.

3: M: Why would someone want to kill you?

B: To get me out of the way so they could ambush the Polecats.

In any event: M: We'd better get this bad boy back on the road then, eh?

B: I don't have any money to pay you with.

M: Hey, this one's free. I haven't touched anything besides a toaster for so long... Getting my hands on your hog has really been a pleasure.

B: Well, thanks.

M: Don't sweat it.

B: Well, I'll let you get back to work...

M: Met me know if you need any aspirin or anything.

Right, let's look at stuff.

Are you sure it isn't? Only one way to find out!

Pff... alright, we'll just take it then.

M: Oh, that's me and my Uncle Pete! He took care of me after Dad split, at this place he called the Mink Ranch. When he died, he left it to me.

B: You're a mink farmer?

M: No, that place went belly-up long before he died. But I still go back there whenever I need to get away for a while.

Enough foreshadowing, let's go on our fetch-quest!

Ben: I heard you saved my life.

Miranda: Yeah, but don't worry. I wasn't trying to. I was just looking for some nice roadside disaster photos, and you helped.

B: Who'd want a picture of me bleeding?

M: It's not the blood, it's the way you were all twisted up like a pretzel.

B: Listen, I've got to stop an ambush.

M: Ambush! Really? Where?

B: I don't know, exactly. My crew is escorting some VIPs to the Corley Motors shareholders' metting and there's an ambush waiting for them somewhere up the road.

Uh... I, I...

M: Yeah?

B: This is hard for me, I, I need...

M: Come on, man, spit it out!

Miranda: You're right! We have to get to the ambush, all right! But I'm afraid I'm without wheels at the moment.

Ben: How did you get us HERE?

M: Hitched.

B: Well, I'd better be going.

M: All right, Drive safe now.

Something suspicious about this girl.

Let's kick her!

Oh, well.

At least the ability to close the mailbox can console me. We leave off the the left.

Miranda takes off in her car. I really have no idea how Ben missed it.

Melonweed! We have just a few locations available: Mo's house. Todd's trailer, The junkyard and the gas tower. Right now, we head to the trailer.

Ben: Either someone's doing some welding down there... Or we're talking about some very sub-code wiring.

He's talking about the sandbags, if it isn't obvious.

Another flimsy locked door. Let's knock first anyway. To be polite.

The flashing stops, and after a short delay...

Todd: I don't got time to wste on bums like you! Ahhhh, ya lousy frmble grmble grmble!

This man has been unkind to us. Injury occurs....


Loot loot loot.

We score some meat and a lockpick from Todd's house. Those, and one other thing...

Secret elevator.

Uh... kay.

Lots of creepy shit in this room.

Mo: That's my welding torch! How did you get it?

Ben: Oh, it was just lying around.

M: A pair of forks, and a little gas, and we're set.

Next: The Two Towers! One of them is made of cars.