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Part 8: Gabriel Knight vs. Class Consciousness

Chapter 8: Gabriel Knight vs. Class Consciousness

When we last left off, Gabriel spent the night fitfully in his bookstore, haunted by the dreams that had become his norm.

As usual, Grace arrives before sunrise to pick up the paper and set up shop.

And some time later, Gabriel staggers out as if someone slipped him a roofie last night.

I love Gabriel's reaction time first thing in the morning. Except that I don't like coffee, it's exactly how I feel most mornings.

Fortunately, this magical brew lets you play the game without dragging your feet for an hour and a half.

All this talk about Gabriel's scruffy hair really does have a purpose later in the game. Kinda.

Grace wastes no time in making things awkward in the morning. It's her own special way of waking Gabriel up.

Today, though, it's not as important -- Gabriel has much sexier things on his mind.

She just said she did. Calm down, hornball.

Just you wait, Nakimura. All in good time.

We've now unlocked the Gedde Estate!

Despite every fiber of his being clamoring to rush right out there, he forces himself to take a moment to check the newspaper. Being a creepy stalker won't pay the bills.

Unsurprising, since he made it to the crime scene before the media, but there was always a chance.

Gabriel doesn't really have anything specific to go on here, but the feeling that maybe it's not as fake as everyone is saying still lingers with him. Even if it is fake, despite whatever crazy part of him is saying otherwise, it's bound to read well in the novel.

This appears to be mostly true.

It sounds much less horrifically dangerous when you put it that way. This news item basically serves as a reminder that there's still stuff to do in Jackson Square.


Wasting absolutely no more time, Gabriel rushes out the door. Beautiful, mysterious socialites don't court themselves!

The icon for the estate is, much like the house itself, huge.

It's cool and beautiful and whatever. Gabriel ignores the scenery and barges straight to the door, slamming on the knocker.

A butler opens the door. I couldn't really get a good screenshot because of the way his sprite intermingles with Gabriel's, but trust me: he's not interesting to look at.

Damn rich folk. You'd think someone strolling onto the property suddenly would be worth a mention at least, even if it's just riffraff.

Perhaps we could have planned this better.

Looks like the only way into that building is through trickery and deception. Again.

While Gabriel works out his newest devious plan, he begins his investigation once again!

First off, he visits the Dixieland Drug Store. Maybe Willy's in a better mood today.

Maybe not.

Before things get too awkward, in steps Madame Cazaunoux (Susan Silo, another all-purpose voice actor who's been in a little of everything). Gabriel stands back and lets the magic unfold.

Cazaunoux carries her loud, obnoxious little pest of a dog with her at all times.

She's a little demented and a lot paranoid. A wonderful lady all around.

Gabriel watches in silence as Willy expertly manipulates the old lady's fears and general distrust of humanity in the interest of his own profits. Now we know where he makes the real money.

Yes, this is the only possible explanation.

A perfectly sane and rational thing to do. Thanks, Willy!

Despite all the gris gris and insufferable distrust of everything around her (except the one guy taking advantage of it), Madame Cazaunoux is a devout Catholic. The gears start grinding in Gabriel's head.

Getting information out of Mr. Walker here is about as likely as getting answers from the croc head on the wall, but maybe we can get something interesting out of this batshit old lady.

But first we need to find that batshit old lady again. It'd probably be unwise to tail her all the way home, so we have to resort to this.

Fuck. This isn't gonna work.

Plan B!

Don't be silly, Grace. Gabriel would never do something like that.

That's as far as we're gonna get on the Cazaunoux front today. Let's catch up with Grace a little bit.


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