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by Psion

Part 5: - Silent Talon


In this update, we play mission 5, Silent Talon.

I think they changed enemy AI for co-op (regardless of difficulty setting - which we didn't change), most likely to give players 2-4 a reason for actually being in the mission. In single-player the Warhound is even more ridiculous, if you can believe it.

Dulche - more particularly Dulche Base - referenced in this mission is "an alleged secret alien underground facility." I don't know what to say about GRFS playing it straight. Clearly the aliens are cover for something even more powerful and horrifying. Probably the legion of Tom Clancy ghostwriters.

A Shootout in the Arctic

Meet Your Ghosts!
Kozak - Staff Sergeant John Kozak


A new recruit to the Group for Specialized Tactics, Kozak is anything but a rookie. A first-generation American born of Russian parents, he was just a kid in New York City when terror struck home. The events of 9/11 affected him deeply, and were a major reason for his joining the military. Kozak feels serving his nation is his highest calling. He's the biggest gear-head on the team, and is quick to suggest a tech-driven solution to almost any battlefield problem.