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Grandia III

by Spiffo

Part 19

[YOUTUBE] | [BLIP] (~12 minutes)

Now that we have obtained Yoat's power, it is time to enter the forbidden land - Herasell. We head back to the settlement to grab a few supplies and then say farewell to Ruilia. She's going to be in charge of the village while we're gone.

After a short walk we finally reach Herasell. Dahna places an emblem in the divot in front and the ruins activate.

A verse sphere appears and we head to the other side. Who knows what awaits our heroes when they finally emerge!

Elsewhere, Emelious has a powerpoint confrontation with Drac. It is implied that Drac is now dead.

End of Disc One! Only a little ways to go before we finally hit the game's filler filler filler