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Original Thread: Let's Play Grandia 3 - With Broken wings, no bird can fly


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"Hey Everybody

I'm Adam
I'm Cat
And I'm Nessa

And we're playing Grandia 3"

Grandia 3 is a PS2 game made by those guys down at Game Arts in 2005. It's pretty overlooked for an RPG and a lot of people thought it's wasn't that great compared to others but we still like it nonetheless. It's colorful, it's charming, it's got some neat characters, a pretty neat story even if they didn't know all what to do with it and a unique battle system. I find it unique in that it focuses not only on the main combat (dealing damage, healing) but also on a meta-battle of gauge management where you try to deny the enemies as many turns as possible. It's also got a cool battlefield mechanic where positioning will affect what enemies get hit by attacks, kind of like in Chrono Trigger (protip, hang around the edges and use moves with a wide fan-pattern).

Let's meet some of the characters:

"It's just that I love flying so much, because I need to be free."
Yuki: A hot-headed boy with a passion for flying. He's headstrong, doesn't always think things through, and in many ways is his mother's son. His hobbies include building planes and chasing after damsels in distress. He's single-minded when it comes to flying, which often leaves others having to worry about him instead. In battle he tends to run around cutting stuff.

"Do I have to spell it out for you? It's not the plane I'm worried about - it's YOU!"
Rotts: Yuki's best friend and partner-in-crime. More level-headed than Yuki, he does most of the engineering around the workshop. They're both passionate about flying and dream to cross the ocean in their own plane.

"You should know by now you can't hide anything from me, Yuki."
Miranda: Yuki's Mother (although she looks and acts like his sister), she knows him inside and out. Even though she wants Yuki to give up flying and go for a more sensible dream like being a potter, she still supports him to the last. Despite her boring upbringing, she's much more accomplished than Yuki in fighting and will wind up teaching us a thing or two ourselves. In battle she tends to cut stuff up too, and she has some powerful early-game magic.

We'll be introducing more characters as the game goes on of course (even though we have the best person ever right out of the gate), as well as discussing aspects of the game like disjointed levels, how the mood of the game feels pretty great, flying, plan crashes, birds, cold hands and more! We hope you like this game as much as we do! With that said, let's begin our adventure!

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