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by Cooked Auto

Part 5: Operation 5 - OFF Certification.

Location: Caribbean Sea.

Thanks to our successes with the United Nations, Artemis has secured a high-profile defense contract with Brazil. We're now in position to become the dominant player in the South American market, and one of the top PMC's in the world.

Dispersion of Forces encountered:
Fighters: 100%
Bombers: 0%
Helicopters: 0%
Ground Forces: 0%
Air Defense: 0%
Naval Forces: 0%

Operation OFF Certification videos:

Aircraft Flown: F-15 S/MTD / ACTIVE

Once again a really dull mission. But next time we'll be moving onto better missions. Not to mention *gasp* Plot!
Oh and if anyone is doing the Crenshaw drinking game. Have fun with this one.