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Original Thread: Assistance Off. Let's Play Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.



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Tom Clancy’s High Altitude Warfare-Experimental or just simply H.A.W.X., is Ubisofts attempt to cash in on the success of Namco’s Ace Combat series and was released for the PC, 360 and PS3 in March 2009 and received lukewarm reviews all in all but is one of the few games that Yatzhee of ZP fame has been fairly positive about.

The game itself is an arcade level flight simulator featuring modern day military aircraft ranging from the 1980’s and onwards and behaves very similarly to Ace Combat 6 for the 360, with airplanes carrying more missiles than possible and being able to do several G-turns without any problems, but this one has a few differences that I will take up during the game’s progress and this includes on very special feature.
The story is very Tom Clancy, if not the game has the dumbest story of any Clancy game.
It also features full campaign co-op for four players and normal multiplayer and features map imagery taken from the GeoEye’s commercial Earth-imagining IKONOS satellite system.

Short story synopsis: You play as David A. “Shade” Crenshaw, pilot for the apparently prestigious HAWX squadron, who is later recruited into a Private Military Corporation which have been given a lot more free reign after the UN Reykjavík accords. And it kicks off from that.
It takes place in the same universe as Ghost Recon Advance War Fighter and EndWar. Not that many ties will be made with either of these games but there are some.

The LP itself will a video one with subtitles. They talk way too much at places and the in-game voices are not subtitled which makes it hard to get in a decent bout of commentary. Also it gives you a chance to hear the incredibly cheesy lines uttered.
It will also feature the Crenshaw Counter™. Just to show how much the game ignores the fact that the main character actually has a call sign.

Table of Contents

Fan art

By Skwerl


WardeL demonstrates the Enhanced Reality System
Viddler/Polsy / Youtube

Questions and Answers:

Q: Hey what’s up with the music?
A: The music for this game is downright terrible so I decided to add a custom soundtrack to it. It will mainly consist of music from the Ace Combat series with some other suitable tracks as well.

Q: Will you always be flying in the first person HUD mode?
A: I promise I will try to vary myself and show of the 3rd person mode as well. Even if I prefer the previous for not being so obstructive so I will probably be switching back and forth sometimes.

Q: Will there be a co-op video (or videos) at some point?
A: Maybe, maybe not. It’s a bit up in the air. (Pun possibly intended.)

Will the intro always be that long?
A: No, it won’t be.

The really long flyable Aircraft list:
*aircraft name* - type (GS = Ground Support, Air = Air Supremacy, Multi = Multi-Role) - (extra commentary.)

A-10 Thunderbolt II/Warthog - GS - (Lacks the awesome sounding gun sadly. )
A-12 Avenger II - GS
A-6A Intruder - GS
A-7B Corsair II - GS
AV-8B Harrier II - Multi
EA-6B Prowler - GS
EF-111A Raven - Multi
Eurofighter Typhoon - Multi
F-111F Aardvark - Multi
F-117 Nighthawk - GS
F-14A Tomcat - Air
F-14B Bombcat - GS
F-14D Super Tomcat - Air - (No features. )
F-15 Active - Air - (Experimental airplane.)
F-15C Eagle - Air
F-15E Strike Eagle - Multi - (Incorrect model, supposed to be 2-seater.)
F-16A Fighting Falcon - Multi
F-16C Fighting Falcon - Multi - (Barely any different from A.)
F2 - Multi - (License built F-16 by Japan.)
F-20 Tigershark - Air
F-22 Raptor - Air - (6 features.Also fuck this plane.)
F-4E Phantom II - Multi
F-4G Advanced Wild Weasel - GS - (Same model as F-4E.)
F-5A Freedom Fighter - Air
F-5E Tiger II - Air Sup - (Same model as F-5A.)
F-35 JSF - Multi
F/A-18 RC - Multi
F/A-18C Hornet - Multi
F/A-18E Super Hornet - Multi
(SEPECAT) Jaguar - GS - (A top of the line plane.)
Mirage 2000C - Air
Mirage 2000N - Multi
Mirage 2000-5 - Multi
Mirage 5 - Multi
Mirage FI - Multi
Mirage III - Air
Mirage IVP - GS - (No features)
MIG-21 Fishbed - Air
MIG-23 Flogger - Air
MIG-25 Foxbat- Multi
MIG-29 Fulcrum - Air
MIG-31 Foxhound - Air
MIG-33 Super Fulcrum - Multi
Rafale C - Multi
RF-15 Peak Eagle - Air - (Manages to be worse than the other F-15 versions.)
SR-71 Blackbird - Air
SAAB 35 Draken (Dragon) - Air - (No features. )
SAAB 37 Viggen (Thunderbolt) - Multi
SAAB 39 Gripen (Griffin) - Air - (Technically it's meant to be called JAS-39 and is supposed to be multirole.)
SU-25 Frogfoot - GS
SU-27 Flanker - Air
SU-32 FN - Multi
SU-34 Fullback - Multi (Same model as SU-32)
SU-35 Superflanker - Multi - (Real name is Flanker-E)
SU-37 Terminator - Air - (Real name is Flanker-F)
SU-39 Frogfoot - GS - (Upgraded but mislabeled, supposed to be SU-25TM)
SU-47 Berkut - Air - (Golden Eagle, otherwise known as Firkin. 1 has been made so far.)
X-29 - Air - (Experimental airplane with forward swept wings. 2 were made.)
XA-20 Razorback - GS - (Completely fictional. From EndWar.)
YF-12A - Air - (Interceptor project that was the predecessor to the SR-71.)
YF-17 Cobra - Air - (Hornet predecessor.)
YF-23 Black Widow II - Air - (Competed against the F-22. Lost.)
F-18 HARV - Air - (High Alpha Research Vehicle. Unlocked at lvl 33.)
FB-22 Strike Raptor - GS - (Conceptual bomber. Unlocked at lvl 35.)
Mirage 4000 - Air - (Unlocked at lvl 30.)
Rafale-M - Multi - (Unlocked at lvl 39.)

Funny note regarding unlocks, they only count for single player and not adversarial multiplayer.
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