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Part 21: Operation 19 - Monarch

And the award for most unnecessary and pointless mission goes too...

Location: (Never actually mentioned. At all.)

It's been several weeks since Artemis's attack on the US. The PMC's combat units have been captured or destroyed, and it's global operations shut down. Adrian DeWinter and the corporation's Board of Directors are the subject of an international manhunt.

Dispersion of Forces encountered:
Fighters: 0%
Bombers: 0%
Helicopters: 0%
Ground Forces: 25%
Air Defense: 69%
Naval Forces: 6%

Operation Monarch videos:

Aircraft Flown: F-22 Raptor

And that's the campaign folks. Fuckin hell, it's finally over.
Only one more video to post later and this entire thing is finished.

And remember,
"This game has not been endorsed by the US Military."
(I think there's actually a line saying that in the credits. Damned if I can find it again.)

And now after all this I want to play Ace Combat again so I've played something good.
But for that I need a PS2. And a TV. And the game(s).