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Part 4: *Hyun-ae, day 1 - Elegance in her cat-like grin

BGM: People

Elegance in her cat-like grin - Heo Seo-yeong, Korean, December 18, 4038

Huh, so much scheming..., I guess that's pretty sweet...

Updated bios:

Ryu Hyeon-su

Daily Report for March 15 - Heo Seo-yeong, Korean, March 15, 4042

Oh, that sounds like a really good outfit...! I approve!

Skip a beat, huh...

Updated bios:


Fuck Heo family gatherings - Heo Seung-bok, Korean, July 3, 4042


...I liked playing hwatu too, though... the cards are pretty.

So even then they were using Chinese characters... that's so stupid!

...aaaaa, geeze... what is he saying...?!

It's... cute in a way, I suppose... is this how adults are...?

...they're both boys! Wow...

Updated bios:


Heo Seung-bok

Professor Kim

And that's all we have in this set.

*Hyun-ae's trying to get my attention!

We've been reading together for a while, haven't we? Let's take a break!

BGM: Dream

Ah, great!
So, um, right...
This is sort of something that's been on my mind lately... the idea of having a body. I always thought, when I was alive and sick, that I'd love to be free of it.
That it'd be great to be free of all its stupid fragility!
Then I spent six hundred years alone in my own mind, and I just... well...
I feel so isolated! I mean, I have a computer simulation of arms and legs and a face, so I don't go mad, but...
It's been so exciting to finally be able to interact with the person I love, don't get me wrong!
I just... really miss, well... touch!
Especially while reading about things like Heo Seo-yeong going on about fancy political dinners...
I mean, you travel alone, so you have a little bit of an idea.

I thought so! I really wanna hug you, too! I wish I could...

Aaaa, that's a relief! That would be so nice to have...
I just keep thinking... I don't even remember what it feels like anymore!
I don't remember touch at all...
...and, um, you know, I really love being able to interact with you, talk with you!
But I just feel like, well..., geeze, this is hard to say...
...I really want to kiss you!
I've never done that before, but I really feel like I want to... aaaaa, geeze, what an embarrassing thing to be saying...

I don't do bizarre space robo-love by halves, lady.

Oh...! Gosh, then...
I bet it would be really nice...
...kissing you, while you touch my hair...
...I've been thinking about those kinds of things, just a little!
Maybe, though... um...
...actually, this is embarrassing too...

Oh! Well, that's good!
I don't even remember the feeling of that anymore... but I know it was really comforting!
I wonder, what would it be like to have hair again?
Could it be blown in the wind? Would it be fluffy...?
It makes me think of Ryu Jae-hwa, my husband's wife... she'd comfort me and brush my hair.
But when I try to think about it...
...I just don't remember what it felt like to be touched like that.
I really want to, though! I don't want to be stuck behind a computer screen forever... I want to remember what it's like to be touched!

And now, time to disable *Hyun-ae for the second recompile.

Obviously, I'll take the last three logs in Block M1, but that gives me three more slots...

Which block should we dip into with our second and final log extraction of day one? M2, M4, M5 or M6?

Voting to continue until Wednesday.